Dirk Wynants - Extremis

Dirk Wynants Design Works (DWDW) materialized through a unique design methodology. A human centered, ecologically minded approach that is the manifestation of Dirk’s own personal pursuit to better things.

There’s no greater satisfaction than designing something beautiful and obvious, of which nobody has thought of before. It’s hard to imagine now, but designer outdoor furniture hardly existed before Dirk designed his first table: Gargantua. Such an innovation, that it made him start his own brand in 1994: Extremis, Latin for ‘out-of-the-ordinary’.

Gargantua, a round table with floating adjustable benches that is fit for all sizes and ages, is still a bestseller to this day. Because he believes that everything can be improved upon, Extremis evolved into a diverse collection that stands out in an over saturated market. It answers fundamental questions of how to best spend quality time together, in a society that is ever evolving.

Extremis is now world renowned, while DWDW has gathered numerous design awards, and Dirk has been awarded for his design management and sustainability. A good design is only the start of success. He believes designers should have an interest in everything from the inception, to the realization, selling to consumers and the end of life, of their product.