Esb Marketing Bamm 2018 Act 3 0100

Dietmar  Dahmen

Dietmar Dahmen is one of Europe’s top keynote speakers on change, disruption, customer-centric business success, and future trends and technology. His keynotes ignite managers all over the world. His insights inspire and motivate participants to go beyond knowledge and  ACTIVELY SHAPE the future!

He is a digital guru, a CX rock star, a thought-leader who does not shy away from using a flamethrower to get the message across.

Dietmar started his career in advertising, heading teams and agencies in Europe and the US .  Later, he became Chief Innovation Officer with, an IBM company. Today, he is involved in various international start-ups, is president of the Swiss “social money” platform FYOOZ.IO, and owns and runs his own company BRAINKICKS.