Davy Kestens

Davy Kestens was only 23 years old when he left his hometown Herk-de-Stad to start his own Internet company in Silicon Valley. In 2011 he built the first prototype of his software, named Twitspark. 

"Companies were busy with the development of marketing on the internet and social media. Actually social media were more about communicating than advertising. When a marketingteam published advertising on social media, there was a lot of feedback. For example, if Samsung made an advertisement for TV, there were twenty responses on the fact that the remote control did not work. The software that existed at that time, had been made for marketing. But not to get a large volume of complaints and questions and responds. With that idea I have built a prototype of a tool that allows companies to react very efficiently through social media. It automatically collects data, questions and complaints from consumers and distributes everything to customer service." 

With that prototype Kestens fetched 1.1 million dollars from investors. He moved to San Francisco and founded his own company. In Silicon Valley, among the greats. He still lives there with his girlfriend Fedra. "After a year I launched an entirely new product. Still under the name Twitspark, but more focused on large companies. The tool was very efficient and sold relatively well. But the business was not big enough. We wanted to make a real global company. We wanted to launch a product that would compete with large companies such as SAP or IBM for certain items." Moments later Kestens opted for a name change. Twitspark would henceforth be known as Spark Central. Kestens also fetched another 4.5 million dollars from investors. "We did not just have a Twitter or Facebook tool, but a central platform to centralize customer relationship between businesses and consumers. We have built a very efficient product that can handle any textual data, in this case, tweets and Facebook posts. It is used within the customer services of large companies.