Dave Jackson

Dave Jackson is the Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Avametric where he oversees the engineering and science teams. Dave was inspired to create Avametric when he was unable to find correctly sized clothes. Discussing this problem with friends, it became clear that many types of garments had no consistent sizing between brands or styles - it was impossible to know how anything would fit. Tthis problem affects everyone when shopping online. 

At that time, he was a PhD Student in Stanford’s Computer Science department, working on self driving cars and computer vision. He recognized how the same algorithms that allow a robotic car to understand it’s 3D environment can be used understand the shape of a human being, which serves as a starting point to accurately simulating how a garment will fit. After being interested in this problem for several years, he took leave from Stanford and founded Avametric in 2012. Dave has a physics degree from Brown and is an experienced sailor.