Ank De Wilde - CEO at Absolem

Have you ever questioned the longstanding economic norms when you think about entrepreneurship? Innovative thinkers and world-class designers around the world have embraced so-called human-centric approaches to drive innovation. So, what would happen if we apply these ideas to entrepreneurship and organizational design?  

With 10 years experience as entrepreneur and CEO of a people & value driven engineering company, Ank has shown up as a visionary leader and pioneer in the future of the workplace. Consciously shaping a company that puts people and society first, she’s intuitively guiding the company into a new narrative. Fostering growth without growth becoming an obsessive, tunnel-vision goal. She not only believes that people and technology can really go together, but also that through connecting people to themselves and to those around them, sustainable value is created for both organisation and society. 

In her leadership Ank never loses sight of the fact that she is also a woman and a mother. Her story is one of finding strength in vulnerability and the power of connection. She will reveal how your business can grow & flourish through putting people first and make you see the real opportunities for all involved. Human-centric & sustainable go together with longterm economic strategy