Roche Programs - FAQ

We understand you, you're mega-excited to join your colleagues for this inspirational trip! 

That's why we've made this page with the most frequently asked questions 
so you're well prepared.

Who can join?

The Pharma International Inspiration Tours program is being sponsored by Pharma International Commercial division. At the moment preference is being given to employees in the Commercial and/or Medical functions at the Affiliates. Spots for members from other divisions are not guaranteed.

The program is full but I want to join, is there a waiting list?

Unfortunately, there is no waiting list for the innovation programs. Once a program is fully booked, you can no longer participate in the tour.

I want to invite a colleague can I just email you?

No need to email us, just ask your colleague to register through the same register-form that you have used. Bear in mind that Roche prefers people from the same affiliate to join different programs. If a lot of people from the same affiliate register, we cannot guarantee that all colleagues will be allowed to join. 

How much does it cost me to join?

The cost of the actual experience is being supported by Pharma International. Air-tickets, hotel accommodation transfer to and from the airport need to be organized by your local travel department and paid individually, following your affiliate travel policies.

When will I hear more?

Programs are confirmed once we reach the threshold of 17 participants. Once this minimum has been reached, you will receive a personal email from nexxworks. 

Where do I find the go/no-go date?

The go/no-go date is different for every program and can be found on the page of the program you have subscribed for.

When will I receive an agenda and/or program updates?

Two months and one month before departure, you will receive a short program update. This is just a taste of what is coming. The full program will be shared one week ahead of the actual departure.

Who books the hotel?

You are responsible for booking your own hotel. However, on the program page, you can find a recommended hotel, that is also the starting point of every day.

I want to book my hotel. When do I book it?

Although we understand you can't wait to book a room, we advise to wait until the go/no-go moment. Should you decide to book another hotel than the one recommended on the program page, please make sure you can reach the recommended hotel by 08:30 AM so we can start our experience on time. 

Who books the flights?

Since we have no idea what you prefer (two seats to avoid sitting next to the drooler, close or far from the lavatory, exit-seats, ...) we kindly ask you to book and arrange your own flights, taking into account that the program mostly starts between 8 and 8:30 AM at the recommended hotel.

Who pays for hotel and flights?

Air-tickets, hotel accommodation transfer to and from airport need to be organized by your local travel department and paid individually, following your affiliate travel policies.

What about transportation during the program?

Transport during the program is included. We take care of you in terms of transportation between the different visits and restaurants, start and stop point is at the recommended hotel.

What about visa?

If you're trip requires a visa, please contact your local travel agency.

I need a letter of recommendation for my visa request, what do I do?

Please reach out to the local Roche affiliate from the country you're travelling to. F.e. when travelling to the China, reach out to Roche China. That being said, you will receive a letter of invitation template from nexxworks attached to the first email after the go/no-go date. This template can be used to ask the local Roche affiliate for your letter of recommendation.