nexxology: your company’s customized innovation program!

Every company has different innovation needs.

That’s why we help our customers inspire and trigger their people with the latest evolutions, insights and tools that will transform their customers and their market.

Nexxology is a tailor-made subscription innovation model for organizations. Let us know if you want to join!

Let’s kickstart your innovation together!

Your subscription to innovation

Let’s face it. In the rush of day to day work, innovation and inspiration often get side-tracked.

That’s why we regularly organize Innovation Councils inside your company on topics that (will) have a major impact on: 

  • your industry, 
  • your customers, 
  • your organization 
  • and your employees.    

Your tailored innovation network

Together, we find out which subjects will impact your organization and its ecosystem the most.

And then we catch the right people to inspire you on a permanent basis: start-ups, corporate innovators, experts, academics, and any other relevant fore-runner. 

Innovation takes a network and we help you build yours.

Your personal & perpetual inspiration journey!

Visionary keynotes
Interactive workshops
High-level networking
Your tailor-made route to innovation

What we specialize in

  • Innovation Cultures & Models

  • Business Model Change

  • Organizational Change

  • Customer Science

  • Technology Trends

  • Networked Thinking

Want to know more about our nexxology subscription model for corporate organizations?

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