Youth Inspiration Tour San Francisco

26 Feb till 03 Mar 2017
San Francisco Youth Tour

Our Youth Inspiration Tour had one goal: giving your children the insights and revelations needed to help them make some of the most important choices in their lives: choosing a field of study and a career.

So sorry! This Innovation Tour is unfortunately over. Check our agenda for all our upcoming tours!

Most of us don't really trouble ourselves with the Day After Tomorrow of our organisations. At work, we focus on Today. Sometimes on Tomorrow. But let’s face it, most of us don’t think much beyond that. Yet what we DO worry about are our kids in the Day After Tomorrow. In which world will they live? Which job will they have? Will they be able to buy a house? Which education should they follow? Which skills do they need? In a world evolving as rapidly as today's, it's an incredible challenge to answer these questions. Old knowledge or even years of experience won't help much in the matter.

What will is a brand new perspective and an intensive submersion in some of the most cutting-edge (tech) pioneers out there. That is why we want to bring you and your child on an eye-opening inspiration tour to San Fransico where we will visit some of the most promising start-ups and disruptive giants in the market.


Day 1 February 26


Day 2 February 27


Day 3 February 28


Day 4 March 01


Day 5 March 02


Day 6 March 03


Our speakers

Peter Hinssen Black White 1
Peter Hinssen
Peter is a serial entrepreneur, Forbes contributor, LinkedIn Influencer, best-selling author and one of the most sought-after thought leaders on organizing for the Day After Tomorrow, radical innovation, leadership and the impact of all things...
Julie Vens - De Vos
Julie Vens - De Vos
Julie coordinates the nexxworks Innovation Tours. As a natural communicator with 5 years of experience in a corporate FMCG environment, she fully understands how customers are the true foundation of our companies. She writes about our tour...
Hotel Carlton

Carlton Hotel

1075 Sutter St
SF, CA 94109
United States

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