Youth Future Tour - Silicon Valley San Francisco

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What will the future look like?

How will we live? 

How will we work? 

And what can I do Today to keep me relevant in The Day After Tomorrow?

Every last one of us has asked himself these questions. But they are even more relevant for the young women and men who will define that future. That's why we want to take them and their parents on a trip to the Future, so that we can all start building it together.

We organize this Youth Future Tour together with our trusted partner Deloitte to inspire the generation that will shape our future. The themes, company visits and experiences of these 5 intense, triggering and fun days will be specifically tailored to the needs and interests of young siblings between the ages of 18 and 99 years old (seriously, no joke!).

We want to introduce them to those pioneers who are thinking up the blueprints for the coming years: from the most advanced universities to the most disruptive startups, the most radical opinion leaders and the giants who are changing the name of the game. 

Will there be some free time to visit San Francisco together with my sibling?", you ask? Why yes, we have foreseen two free afternoons and two free evenings to spend at your own leisure!

This tour is planned for 2018. We don't have a final date yet but if you have any suggestions and ideas or want to stay up to date, leave your contact details and message via the form below.

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Day 1 July 08


Enjoy an eye-opening evening with our tour guide Rik Vera, about the trends that will shape our future.

Day 2 July 09

How will we live in the future?

Will 'driving' still be a thing in a few years? How will healthcare change if our body is monitored every second of the day? Will we still need doctors? How will we shop? Will our brains be connected to the cloud? Will privacy be relevant? Which technologies will have the most impact on us? This day is dedicated to what life could look like in the future.

Day 3 July 10

Do Day, PT I

The best way to invent the future is to create it. That's we've foreseen one whole Do Day (or rather, two Do Mornings) so that you can experiment with the latest technologies and really immerse yourself into the future. Expect creativity workshops, a Maker Studio visit, DIY IoT packages, trying out VR goggles, your first conversation with Google home or even an introduction to hacking. This is the day YOU are in charge. No listening to anyone!

Also, this is your first free afternoon! Enjoy it!

Day 4 July 11

How will we work in the future? 

Now that everything is becoming automated, what will humans do in the future? Will our Robot Overlords enslave us after the Singularity has happened? What 'jobs' will still exist, and what do we need to study to play a part in the future? Do we all need to become data scientists and programmers? Or will we all be micro-entrepreneurs? In fact, will companies still extist in the future? This is a day dedicated to the future of work.

Day 5 July 12

Do Day, PT II.

This is the second morning dedicated to your own experiments with VR, IoT, programming, 3D-printing etc.

And it's followed by your second free afternoon.

Day 6 July 13


Time to pitch and share your perspective with the others! Every participant will give a brief talk about his/her favorite moment and how it affected him/her.

Our speakers

Rik Vera By Sarah Oyserman 2 Web 72Dpi
Rik Vera
Rik is a renowned thought-leader, worldwide keynote speaker, acclaimed author and trusted advisor on the topics of extreme customer-centricity, disruption, business model change, sales, marketing and making companies ready for the Day After...

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