Work in Progress Tour San Francisco

17 Nov till 21 Nov 2019
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WHAT: Learn from Silicon Valley on how to organize for the continuous progress
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Our customers, our services, our products, our organizations and our workforce are continuously “in progress”.

But how do you organize for that?

What are the types of culture, structure, people and leaders that provide success in such a volatile environment?

Experience first-hand with a group of C-level peers how the most successful startups, corporates and innovation experts are setting themselves up for an ultra-fluid market at our Work in Progress Tour!

Join author, MIT lecturer and keynote speaker Peter Hinssen on a 4-day long voyage through Silicon Valley to discover how you can keep your whole company future-proof and fluid: from the macro-level building blocks down to the role of the individual:

  • The Work Revolutions: Your organization is not an island. We’ll help you understand all the different revolutions - customers, society, tech, industrial etc. - that are driving us to evolve towards a new world of work.
  • Organizing Innovation: These revolutionary outside forces leave us no choice but to organize innovation on a continuous and structural macro-level. Let us inspire you with to the most successful types of organizations out there, and how they go about that.
  • Power to the People: Every successful structure rests on the shoulders of giants: that’s why we’ll tackle all the human forces working together on pushing your organization to the future: from leadership in a complex world to augmenting and balancing your workforce with technology, diversity, lifelong learning, wellbeing etc.
  • Company Culture: Perhaps the most important ingredient, is the glue that binds everything together, from your customers to your workforce, leaders and the structures that enable them. Together, we’ll investigate and visit the types of culture that define a fluid company.

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Our speakers

Peter Hinssen
Peter is a serial entrepreneur, Forbes contributor, LinkedIn Influencer, best-selling author and one of the most sought-after thought leaders on organizing for the Day After Tomorrow, radical innovation, leadership and the impact of all things...
Bruce  Fecheyr-Lippens
Bruce Fecheyr-Lippens is SVP, Global Head Agile Working, Digital HR, People Analytics, and HR Director Excellence Center at Solvay. He is continuously investigating how people make an organization and drive performance. Passionately curious, he is...
April Rinne
April Rinne is an acclaimed international keynote speaker and trusted advisor to start-ups, enterprises, governments and investors worldwide. She is often called a “bumblebee” for her ability to cross-pollinate ideas and innovation across cultures...
from Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS)
to San Francisco Intl. (SFO)
Sunday November 17
from 10:20 till 12:25
from San Francisco Intl. (SFO)
to Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS)
Thursday November 21
from 14:40 till 09:50

Stanford Park Hotel

100 El Camino Real
Mountain View, CA 94040
United States

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