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Innovation Bootcamp - Utrecht Youmeet, Creative Valley

05 Nov till 09 Nov 2018
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Our Innovation Bootcamps are intensive 5-day perspective-shifting experiences. They are designed to boost your organisation's innovation DNA by showing your team the tools and the insights they need to innovate and experiment.

The program will be comparable to our last Bootcamps.

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Hands-on workshops & visionary keynotes from top opinion leaders like Peter HinssenSteven Van BelleghemRik Vera, & many others!

The latest trends & insights about customer centricity, growth hacking, artificial intelligence, storytelling, virtual reality, self-steering organisations, blockchain & many more subjects.

Our disruptive bootcamps are NOTHING like any other training program in the market! Prepare for radical subjects, unexpected coaches and real impact on how you think and solve problems. 

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Monday November 05

Setting the Scene 

The first day of the Bootcamp might be a little bit unsettling. But that’s all part of the plan: this is where we’ll open your eyes to a new reality, and that might take some getting used to.  But don’t worry: we'll use the rest of the week to explore ways to cope with it.

Tuesday November 06

Spotlight on the Customer

Are you up for another round of changing the way you look at the world? Our speakers will show you how to put your customer at the very heart of your company and how this approach will impact your Day after Tomorrow.

Wednesday November 07

Technology as Facilitator

How can big companies act as flexible and fast as little start-ups? On this third bootcampday we will dive deeper in agile workflows and the lean start-up methodology often used by them. We also get some playtime with a whole range of spacy technologies, from AI to AR and VR. They will catapult you ahead of the competition in quantum leaps.

Thursday November 08

Innovation in Company Structures 

On Thursday you will have to think about your organization in the Day After Tomorrow, where cocreation and collaboration are the keywords. You’ll see how to connect many colleagues and customers, which makes more engaged individuals/employees with efficient innovation ideas. On that -almost last- day you will see a lot of challenges but our workshops will make you see the trees through the forest. Let’s get creative!

Friday November 09

Wrapping It Up!

Today is about wrapping it all up. Together, we'll summarize what we saw this week. More importantly, we'll take a look into the future and the challenges ahead of us. Both for ourselves as professionals, and also the businesses we are working in. We'll make sure to go out with a bang. But no worries, this is no goodbye!

Bootcamp Reunion

After that one week, there is no goodbye!

You will be invited 4 times a year to our exclusive nexxworks café.

Our speakers

Peter Hinssen
Peter Hinssen
Peter is a serial entrepreneur, Forbes contributor, LinkedIn Influencer, best-selling author and one of the most sought-after thought leaders on organizing for the Day After Tomorrow, radical innovation, leadership and the impact of all things...
Rik Vera
Rik Vera
Rik is a renowned thought-leader, worldwide keynote speaker and author of business bestseller "Managers The Day After Tomorrow". He’s a trusted advisor on the topics of extreme customer centricity, innovation in the digital era, business model...
Steven Van Belleghem
Steven is an expert in customer focus in a digital world and in how our customers will behave in the Day After Tomorrow. He is a popular speaker at home and abroad. In his keynote presentations, Steven takes his audience on a journey to the world of...
Leen Gorissen
Leen Gorissen
Leen is an Innovation Biologist, Sustainability Transitions Expert, Writer and Founder of Studio Transitio. Leen Gorissen, PhD in Biology, works with companies, governments and organisations to help them ‘think outside’ - not only out-of-the-box but...
Dsc 6152 Crop
Pascal Coppens
Pascal Coppens is the expert in all things innovation and Day After Tomorrow in China, rooted in his deep understanding of the country as a sinologist. He is an entrepreneur at heart with more than 20 years of experience in China and Silicon Valley....
Koen Kas Keynote
Koen Kas
Prof. Dr. Koen Kas is a health care futurist, entrepreneur, professor of molecular oncology, author, and international keynote speaker. Koen is driven by the aim to make healthcare delightful, personalized & preventive. He published his vision...
Yoav Nir
Yoav Nir is the author of the book Game-changing Innovation and will explain us more about the lean start-up method and how he implemented this during his carreer at Barco, Yofi consulting and The Skein Company. Already in 1997, he was involved in...
Winnie Bootcamp Circulaire Economie 72Ppi 798
Winnie  Poncelet
Winnie Poncelet is co-founder of ReaGent, the first biomakerspace in Flanders and one of the initiators of Glimps, a design and strategy agency in biofabrication. At Glimps he creates experiences, products and installations that tell the story of a...
Rsz Jip Samhoud
Jip Samhoud
Jip is the founder and CEO of &samhoud media; a digital agency which creates VR and AR experiences for business as well as the consumer market. One of his latest highlights is the launch of the Albert Heijn Tech campaign: an app which introduces...
Matthias De Clercq C626353C6A9C102D3983655F4D11887E
Matthias De Clercq
In July 2018, Matthias De Clercq started as Chief Commercial Officer at nexxworks. Matthias has been working at Coolblue for the past 7 years, of which the last two years as head of Coolblue Belgium. During that period, the e-commerce company...

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