Roche Performance Practice Safari

29 Oct 2020
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With this digital safari, we want to inspire how performance practices should evolve and/or or be redefined to become a true enabler of agility in organizations. We want to spark your curiosity to rethink performance management and help drive the right behaviours that support evolution towards a more creative, agile and inclusive company culture.

Why join? 

Discover different approaches on performance practices, connect with innovative visions and be inspired to challenge the system! 

What can you expect? 
An interactive online session with performance experts, combining plenary discussions with in-depth Q&As in break-out rooms.

We will bring in 4 specific focuses, brought to life by 4 company cases:

  • Rethinking performance
    What exactly constitutes performance, and how to review it? What new structures can we set up and how to reshape existing ones? Learn from another big corporation on how performance practices can be rethought and implemented differently
  • Team performance
    Working with self-managed teams calls for new mental models of performance. Let's learn from a company that has team performance at its core, in a culture of transparency, mutual accountability, and candid feedback
  • Rewards/recognition
    Are money and titles really the only drivers to perform? There are innovative ways to incentivize, reward and recognize good and happy workers: a company will illustrate that identity, fun and experimentation can play a role in this
  • Employee Experience
    Structures, systems and environment, they all constitute to how we experience our work. Having a shared purpose, a strong culture, room for creativity, etc. impacts attitude and wellbeing. Let’s uncover how another company’s employee-centric approach reinforces performance
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This safari takes place on Thursday, October 29th from 4pm CET to 7pm CET. 

How can you join?

This safari has limited places (40 to be exact) due to the specific format of plenary sessions in combination with high-intensity break-outs. 

This means that we now give you the option to register, but we will only be able to confirm your spot on October 26th. First come, first serve. If not selected for the live session, we promise you will be able to follow the safari offline!

If you do receive a confirmation that you claimed a spot (yay!), then we will ask you do some prep work before the actual online session (to be able to get the most out of it live). For the same purpose, all participants are required to be actively present throughout the entire 3-hour live session (break of course included!).

Up for this exciting safari? Then pre-register to claim your spot!

Ready to join?

If you have more questions regarding this program, contact us here!