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11 Sep till 12 Sep 2019
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In a world where the patient is in the center of our organization and where technology is developing at lightning speed, it's time to rethink how we work. An agile and patient-centric strategy will require us to change our behaviour, structure and processes. During this tour you will experience how other companies tackle these challenges and what you can learn from this. But beware, your engagement is needed - so reflect upon your purpose, envision the north star of Roche and work together to kickstart your innovation. Let's Roche and roll!

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What topics can you expect on this eye-opening two-day experience:


  • What is needed to generate the entrepreneurial mindset
  • How can we nurture a mindset of trust in a fail-fast environment
  • The role of supportive leadership as a key enabler for agility


  • How to empower fit-for-purpose teams in a big corporation
  • Stimulate community building and co-creation 
  • The necessity of a continuous feedbackloop


  • How to organize innovation
  • Technologies that help to stimulate agility
  • How to use sprints/scrum/... in such a way that it contributes to agility 

Examples of speakers/companies we could visit:

Heather Mc Gowan: The future is learning
A global innovation platform 
The power of employee experience
The power of connecting employees and customers
Leadership's role in organising change

Note that these are examples. The companies/speakers can fully vary during the development of the actual program. One thing's for sure, disruptive ideas are guaranteed.

During the entire experience you will be guided by the nexxworks moderators team. They will moderate the program, and will challenge you & the speakers to get the most out of your time. 



The cost of the actual experience is being supported by Pharma International. Air-tickets, hotel accommodation transfer to and from airport need to be organized by your local travel department and paid individually, following your affiliate travel policies.

Recommended hotel: 

AC Hotel San Francisco Airport/Oyster Point Waterfront

Although we understand you can't wait to book a room, we advise to wait until the go/no-go moment (June 21st). Should you decide to book another hotel, please make sure you can reach the recommended hotel by 08:30 AM so we can start our experience on time. 

Flights and transport:

Since we have no idea what you prefer (two seats to avoid sitting next to the drooler, close or far from the lavatory, exit-seats, ...) we kindly ask you to book and arrange your own flights, taking into account that the program starts 08:30 AM at the recommended hotel.

Transport during the program is included. We take care of you in terms of transportation between the different visits and restaurants, start and stop is at the recommended hotel.


If we reach the minimum number of participants by June 21st this tour will proceed as planned. So please subscribe and engage your colleagues! :-)  


Great, you can reach us at ! And remember, there are no dumb questions so fire away! 


Great, you can reach us at ! And remember, there are no dumb questions so fire away! 

Are you ready to embark on what will become a jaw-dropping once in a lifetime experience?

Our tourguides

Julie Vens - De Vos
Julie Vens - De Vos
Julie coordinates the nexxworks Innovation Tours. As a natural communicator with 5 years of experience in a corporate FMCG environment, she fully understands how customers are the true foundation of our companies. She writes about our tour...