Roche Digital Agile Inspiration Program: Timezone EU & APAC

10 Jun till 11 Jun 2020
Quote Transformation

As we are entering a time of the "Never Normal", it has become more relevant and urgent than ever to keep transforming.

This program is designed to support the Agile Transformation at Roche. We will inspire you by connecting you with experts and companies who will not only share their experiences, but will also spark ideas and give you insights on the why and how of agile. 

What topics can you expect?


  • What is needed to generate the entrepreneurial mindset?
  • How can we nurture a mindset of trust in a fail-fast environment?
  • The role of supportive leadership as a key enabler for agility


  • How to empower fit-for-purpose teams in a big corporation?
  • Stimulate community building and co-creation 
  • The necessity of a continuous feedbackloop


  • How to organize innovation?
  • Technologies that help to stimulate agility
  • How to use sprints/scrum/... in such a way that it contributes to agility? 

Here are already a couple of examples of experts and companies on agile; to give you a first taste of who we might be introducing you to:

Buurtzorg, ING, Netflix, Salesforce, Microsoft, Alibaba, ... and many many more...


The cost of the actual experience is being supported by Pharma International. 

Who can join?

The Pharma International Inspiration Tours program is being sponsored by Pharma International Commercial division. At the moment preference is being given to employees in the Commercial and/or Medical functions at the Affiliates. Spots for members from other divisions are not guaranteed.

The program is fully booked once there are 30 participants. You'll get a confirmation mail if you're in! If you're on our waiting list, you will be notified when a new learning program is set live. First come first serve!


Wednesday, June 10th (9am - 1pm CET): Introduction, session 1&2
Thursday, June 11th (9am - 1pm CET): Session 3&4, summary

Getting started before the sessions:

A week before the program (i.e. sessions) actually start(s), you will receive a mailer with 4 introductory videos of the experts and/or companies that will be inspiring you. Attached to this mailer, you will also find the opportunity to share all the questions you might have and wish to see answered live during the sessions to each expert/company beforehand. 

During the sessions:

Nexxworks will fuel the discussion, moderate, take note and share all learnings afterwards to ensure that you can 100% participate in the live conversations and not miss a thing during and after!

Excited? Cool, so are we! Unfortunately this edition is already sold out.. But there's a waiting list! We'll keep you informed about upcoming editions.