Roche Deep Dives: Digital Health

09 Jun till 26 Jun 2020
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We’re living in sensational times when it comes to digital health. Following COVID 19 the healthcare landscape/industry will never be the same. Wearables are enabling people to track their health in real-time and companies are discovering the opportunity to gather data for analysis. By leveraging customer and data insights we can facilitate faster and better product development or strategic decisions. The faster we innovate, the more we differentiate!

At the same time, the digital revolution changes the way customers are looking at healthcare and lets us move away from healthcare to smartcare. How do you make this switch as a company and what can you do?

This is the first fully digital deep learning program, combining inspiration with a design sprint for those who want to get their hands dirty. Not into design sprints? No worries, you can also sign up for the inspiration sessions only but remember that 70% of learning is experiential. Let's move from inspiration to transpiration together!

This is what you can expect:

  • Inspirational videos with business cases and thought leaders
  • Interactive deep dives to answer any questions you might have (Max.30 people per deep dive)
  • An optional design sprint where you can ideate around a specific challenge and as a group collectively create an MVP (minimum viable product) that you can take back and develop further within your affiliate. (Max. 8 people per sprint)

Here are the subjects we’ll be tackling:

  • From healthcare to smartcare: what if people can avoid sickness
  • The power of data in healthcare: what are others doing with it
  • Wearable technology in healthcare
  • Artificial intelligence
  • The platformization of healthcare

On the menu:

  • Introductory Keynote by Tom Braekeleirs
    As director at the Bluehealth innovation center in Belgium, Tom Braekeleirs has a profound and deep knowledge about the latest trends in digital health. The BlueHealth Innovation Center supports the digital transformation of healthcare and works together with governments, companies, universities, research centers and care providers to achieve this.
  • Company case 1: Babylon Health
    Babylon health is one of the more succesful companies using AI to make healthcare more accessible and affordable. 
  • Company case 2: TNO
    Let's introduce André Boorsma, one of TNO's most succesful researchers working on personalized health. His work focuses on personal health data in combination with science based nutrition and lifestyle advices. Ask him everything about data, building a data marketplace or his work at D2 HDC, a public private partnership focusing on improving the health and lifestyle of Type 2 Diabetes patients.
  • Company case 3: Huma
    Huma is the perfect example of a company combining technology, data and insights to redefine health. Thogether with their partners, they are making the leap to pro-active medicine.

What can you expect from the design sprint?

The design sprint is a two-day tailor-made add-on for this program that lets you focus on one Digital Health challenge. The end result is a “prototype” that can be used to get started with your own team and roll it out.


  • Tuesday 09/06: Send out email with inspirational videos
  • Tuesday 16/06, 10 AM – noon CET ( 4PM - 6 PM SGT): First interactive webinar (Q&A-session): combination of two speakers
  • Thursday 18/06, 10 AM – noon CET ( 4PM - 6 PM SGT): Second interactive webinar: two speakers
  • Tuesday 23/06, 9 AM – 1 PM CET: (3 PM - 7 PM SGT) Design sprint day 1
  • Wednesday 24/06, 9 AM – 1 PM CET (3 PM - 7 PM SGT) : Design sprint day 2
  • Thursday 25/06, 9 AM – 1 PM CET (3 PM - 7 PM SGT) : Design sprint day 3
  • Friday 26/06, 9 AM – 1 PM CET (3 PM - 7 PM SGT) : Design sprint day 4


The program is fully booked once there are 30 participants. You'll get a confirmation mail if you're in! If you're on our waiting list, you will be notified when a new learning program is set live. First come first serve!

Excited? Cool, so are we! Let's embark on this Deep learning program together!