Webinar: post-Covid business: what changed?

04 Jun 2021
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WHEN: June 4th, 3.00 - 3.45 PM
With vaccines providing a light at the end of the tunnel, we are all wondering what’s next. What will change, what will stop and start? Join Rik Vera in this live discussion about what’s nexxt in a post-pandemic life & business. 

We will confront thought leader Rik Vera with three statements: 
Will we return to the office? Did COVID-19 kill long-term planning? Will the post-covid customer be different? Join the discussion and challenge Rik on his predictions about these questions:

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  • Will we return to the office?
    With Twitter closing offices, believers claim we will never return to the office, and courses about remote management are there to be found. Others need a coffee machine to boost creativity and want to re-connect with their colleagues and customers. Is hybrid working a hype or here to stay?
  • Did Covid-19 kill long-term planning?
    All long-term strategic plans died at the start of 2020 and we had to rethink business in no time. More than ever companies had to believe planning is essential, but plans are useless. Is 'scenario planning' a more sustainable strategy or a recipe for disorganization?
  • Will the post-covid customer be different than before? 
    Supermarkets were plundered and hoarders discovered e-commerce, but how did customers' attitudes evolve after all these months? Brands are looking forward to safely and effectively reopening in-person experiences, others will permanently close their doors and keep up for takeaway services. How did this change customers, if at all?

Let's inspire you on how and which decisions you have to take nexxt!