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Triggered by Expo 2020, Dubai is completely redesigning itself to make the transition from materials economy to ‘bits’ business. This is one of the world’s most insane evolution stories: in less than 60 years, it has transformed itself from a sandy desert into one of the most disruptive tech & business hubs in the world.

Join us on a journey to Dubai to learn the true meaning of reinventing your business and experience the future of business and society!

Prepare to be blown away by the experience of a lifetime:

The Future of Living

Experience how Dubai is using smart tech to redesign the lives of its citizens: how people interact with their houses, their city and its mobility, how they eat, how they take care of themselves and even how they feel (Dubai aims to become the happiest city on earth). If you want to see the future of living, Dubai is the place to go.

Redefining Customer Experience

If we live differently, we’ll buy differently. That’s why we will show you how tech’s impact on our lives & behaviour will ‘infect’ the customer experience. In Dubai, smart speakers, smart cities, facial recognition, IoT, VR, AR, tech driven mega-malls and smart retail solutions will completely remodel the consumer experience as we know it into something hugely personal, automated and predictive. 

Reskilling for the Future

Dubai understands that all the changes listed above will force it to heavily invest in education and training if it wants to stay relevant. The Society of the future cannot be built on old skills. Dubai will inspire you on how you can transform yourself, your employees or even your children to become life-long learners: from democratizing low-cost digital edtech platforms to blockchain certificates and many more.

You can expect the likes of Ekar, HyperloopTT, Emirates, Badia farms, Volocopter, Exponent Technology Services, Rashid, VRXOne, Bayzat, Seez, Derq, Dubai Future Foundation, Peliere,  Dubai Square speakers, Fetchr, Pixelbug, Skcript, Vive, Educhain, Asafeer and many more. All these examples and in the highlights below are from our wishlist and not yet confirmed, as we are still building a kick ass program. Stay tuned for updates in the coming weeks or check the program of our (past) tours.

Our speakers

Rik Vera Canva
Rik Vera
Rik is a renowned thought-leader, worldwide keynote speaker and author of business bestseller “Managers The Day After Tomorrow”. He’s a trusted advisor on the topics of extreme customer centricity, innovation in the digital era, business model...
Mathias Small Website
Matthias De Clercq
Matthias is Chief Customer Officer at nexxworks. Coming from retail-giant Coolblue, he's experienced in omni-channel, e-commerce, physical (retail) outlets, organisational development, customer journey, NPS, creating win-win situations,...
Lieselotte Meel
Lieselotte is the driving force behind our inspirational programs. Thanks to her long career in Project Management and fascination for innovation she ensures an inspirational experience for all fellow innovators.
from Brussels Airport BRU
to Dubai International Airport DXB
Saturday November 23
from 20:15 till 06:00
from Dubai International Airport DXB
to Brussels Airport BRU
Thursday November 28
from 14:20 till 18:45

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