NRC Disruption Bootcamp

10 Dec till 12 Dec 2018
Adult Blur Bokeh 712786

Industry trends are always changing and evolving. How can businesses keep up with the constant innovation and disruptions in the market? Nexxworks worked together with NRC (one of the biggest newspapers in the Netherlands) to create a bootcamp dedicated to exploring disruption and how it can create opportunities for your business. 

Full program

Day 1

Are you in touch with the changing needs and wants of your customers? How does blockchain and cryptocurrency play a role in disruption? 

In this first day, we explored all topics related to customer centricity and how providing constant positive experiences for customers will improve overall satisfaction and increase profits.

Day 2

What are the best organizational leadership models to handle a rapidly changing world? How important is strategy in innovation?

The second day is all about business strategy and what business models are best suited for an ever-changing external environment.

Day 3

How can the learnings from the last two days be translated into action for your company? How does company culture play a role in innovation and disruption?

The last day of the program focused on taking all the information learned and translating it into actionable items. Company culture is also explored, and how it relates to strategy and innovation.

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