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What is Mission CX? 

  • 10 Monthly Digital Sessions on CX with moderators Steven Van Belleghem and Rik Vera 
  • New industry-leading speakers and company cases every session 
  • An exclusive community to build your network (+100 members already joined!)

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Mission CX offers value on 2 major fronts:

  • Monthly inspiration through live sessions (with access to otherwise hard-to-reach experts)
  • An online community of peers to connect with and grow your network

You and your team get access to a treasury of top curated content and unprecedented ways of connecting with the best in the field of Customer Experience!

For whom?

Mission CX is there for anyone who wants to build top-class Customer Experiences

Whether you are working in a customer-facing team, in sales or marketing, are part of a network or are a consultant, ... you'll definitely get something out of Mission CX for your business or your profile! 


nexxt up: On applying VR and AR to boost CX April 23

Are technologies such as Augmented and Virtual Reality great ways for businesses to complement their CX logic with new exciting flavors? They have been wading through a shroud of mystery, but these past few months, VR and AR have been shaping up as game changers for many companies' or brands' customer engagement strategies.  They help collide real and simulated world, and thus might hit the sweet spot between digital convenience and emotional connection. 

This Monthly Digital Session of Mission CX, will zoom into use cases and experiences with AR and VR to boost CX. 

MAY '21: CX in the East vs. the West May 28

Creating the best CX, is not a one size fits all story. And just like with many things, culture and geography can also play a determining role in how to look at CX. Or does it? 

During this Monthly Digital Session of Mission CX, we want to exchange different views on CX through a cultural and geographical lens. 

We will bring in both experts and companies to shed a light on questions like: Are there differences in CX between - broadly speaking - the Western and the Eastern world? Do American, European, Asian, etc. companies approach customer experience, customer relations and customer engagement differently? 

JUNE '21: On platforms June 25

We've experienced the rise of personalized and always available platforms that assist customers very closely in their day to day lives. This has created wonderful opportunities, e.g. to interact more with customers, but has also posed big challenges to companies and brands on how to remain visible, how to stay (partially) in control of the relationship with their customers, how to keep creating value, ...

During this Monthly Digital Session of Mission CX, we look into how companies can stay relevant in this platform economy and what we can learn from platform ecosystems. 

SEPT '21: Customer vs. Employee Experience September 24

Employees first, customers second? It's one of those typical experience paradigms. To get CX right, it is said, companies should start with their Employee Experience: your CX can only be good when you have customer-centric employees. Or is it the reverse: employees can only be customer crazy once the customer journey has been perfectly mapped out?

This Monthly Digital Session of Mission CX investigated how companies and brands can not only have a positive impact on the people they work for (their customers) but als the people they work with (their employees).

OCT '21: On sustainability October 22

Consumers expect companies and brands to take away their most primal fears (global warming, flooding, water shortage,…) and (help) solve world problems, too. They want it all: convenience, privacy, good deals, doing what’s good for the planet, ...  

Many companies have already started projects aimed at making the world a better place. And this ‘doing good’ part does not just happen at the peripheries, it’s an intrinsic part of product, brand and marketing.

During this Monthly Digital Session of Mission CX, we learn from companies and experts that have already joined the movement and how companies can add an extra layer to their customer relationship and make themselves more unforgettable in the process.

NOV '21: From idea to storytelling November 19

No matter how gnarly, niche, systemic, or structural a problem or insight, it starts with a commitment. And then a headfirst dive into the mess of making things. From ideation to implementation: it can be solved with fewer echo chambers and more elbow grease.

This Monthly Digital Session of Mission CX will have us explore how we can change the world for our customers through technology and story. How we can do what’s never been done, get it done and tell it to the world. 

DEC '21: Disrupting CX workshop December 17

After a year full of inspiration and connection with CX pioneers, we feel it's time to bring back some action and get us all geared up for another year of future-forward CX! 

This Monthly Digital Session is once again a kickass virtual workshop. Literally. 

We will look back to our main challenges of the year, pick our battles for the future and uncover how we can disrupt CX together. 

JAN '22: Applying learnings to your CX strategy January 28

How about applying the learnings and insights from the monthly shots of inspiration to your own organization, to your own business, to your own customers - basically: to your own customer experience? 

Depending on when you join(ed) as a member, you will have a (big or smaller) backpack full of inspiration and ideas. But what can YOU do with it? Or how to get started? 

This Monthly Digital Session is all about putting you to work. But in a good way! Together, we'll look back to all the topics and learnings that have come and gone. And even more importantly: together we'll look ahead to what this could mean in your own day-to-day and how to strategize for the future. 

This session is a working session, so no external speakers this month!

FEB '22: The future of marketing and branding February 25

Technology, socio-economics, the environment, the climate, the pandemic, ... our world and thus our customers' habits are continuously changing. As a result, the marketing landscape is also continuously changing. Apart from having creative and analytical minds, marketers have to always be up-to-date and on top of the latest trends. There is no space for irrelevant brands there. 

This Monthly Digital Session wants to look into the future of marketing and branding: what's emerging, what's inspiring, what's innovating, what should be your next move? 

More info and speakers will follow soon! 

MARCH '22: Bringing humor into CX March 25

It has been clear for some time now that organizations are no longer fighting over the customer’s purse, but for their hearts. Could fun and laughter play a helpful role in that conquest? Humor is a tricky thing, though. It’s a goldilocks situation, where everything has to be just right for it to work. 

That's why this Monthly Digital Session wants to tackle the passionate but explosive relationship between humor and customer experience!

More info and speakers will follow soon! 

APR '22: What can hospitality teach us for CX? April 22

What do you think of when you think of "hospitality"? Cooking, waiting, opening doors, ... sure. But also: smiling, welcoming, serving and always putting the customer first. Hospitality is not only about hotels and restaurants, it is about human interaction. People doing something for other people, and always aiming for even higher levels of service. 

During this Monthly Digital Session, we want to look into what we can learn from experts in the hospitality business and how to apply this to customer experience (in B2C and B2B).

More info and speakers will follow soon! 

New sessions will be added throughout the year

Mission CX is an ongoing membership program. As a member, you pay a yearly fee of 1250 EUR (excl. VAT) that grants you exclusive access to the online community platform and 10 Monthly Digital Sessions. 

The topics of the Monthly Digital Sessions have been confirmed up and until April 2022. Topics for sessions as from May 2022 will be added throughout the year, but what we can already share today: all upcoming sessions will continue to bring in pioneers with refreshing future-forward insights on CX-related technology, psychology, trends, organisation and innovation.

So stay tuned (and check our socials for regular updates, too!)

Past sessions

Mission CX is an ongoing exclusive membership program, consisting of an online community to connect with peers and Monthly Digital Sessions that tackle customer experience related content and topics. 

Here's an overview of the sessions that have already taken place!