Mission OX: Oxygen for the organization of the future

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What does it take to drive innovation?
How can you build the ultimate future-proof organization?
Mission OX is here for you!

What is Mission OX? 

In short, you'll join a network of peers and be inspired on a monthly basis by live digital sessions with world-class speakers and content on future-proof organizations.

What can you expect? 

  • Moderation by experts like Heather McGowan and Nancy Rademaker
  • Talks with thought leaders as well as company cases
  • Ongoing inspiration to shape your future organization all year-round

What topics will be tackled?

Topics for Mission OX may include but are not limited to:

How to organize for innovation? - Organization structure
Skills and capabilities - Reskilling
The lifelong learning organization
Health and wellbeing at work
The Ecosystem organization - Stakeholder and network management
Organization mapping - Technology and tools
Reinventing organizations - Unlearn what you have learned
Performance practices
Employee experience
Self-steering teams and new ways of working
Rewards and motivation

Become a member of Mission OX if you are looking for:

  • Tangible strategies for durable innovation
  • Answers on how to support change from within
  • Ways to cultivate a growth mindset for your team
  • The essential steps to transform your organization 

When will Mission OX start?

We're aiming to launch as soon as possible. Want to stay informed? Fill in the form below!

"The Future of Work requires restructured workplaces, redefined roles, rapid learning and reserves of trust."

Heather McGowan Mission moderator, speaker and writer