Mission NXT: Make sense of what's next in the world

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Are you open to sensing the NXT trends?
Are you curious about the big shocks and smaller shifts that will be shaping the world? 
Mission NXT is here for you!

What is Mission NXT?

In short, you'll join a network of peers and be inspired on a monthly basis by live digital sessions with world-class speakers and content on what's next in the world.

What can you expect? 

  • Moderation by experts like Peter Hinssen and Pascal Coppens
  • Talks with thought leaders as well as company cases
  • Ongoing inspiration all year-round, with an expanding network

What topics will be tackled? 

Topics for Mission NXT may include but are not limited to:

Political governance – Autocracy vs. democracy; controlled vs. liberal
Sustainable development goals - Impact on businesses
Globalization and anti-globalization movements
Markets/Customers – Where are the new opportunities?
Tomorrow’s Infrastructure – Industry 4.0, Blockchain, Military, Belt & Road,…
Seismic shocks – Biological (Covid), ecological, geopolitical, technological
Innovation – Who is winning the race?
Data security – How to balance privacy versus safety?
South-North divide – Future of the 6 billion people in Southern hemisphere?
The world’s resources – How to share it?
People – War for talent
Financial – What's the future of finance? Payments?

Become a member of Mission NXT if you are looking for: 

  • A bold perspective on the future of the world 
  • A way to build an everlasting competitive advantage
  • An outside-in view on your organization's faith
  • Ways to turn these indicators into opportunities

When will Mission NXT start? 

We're aiming to launch as soon as possible. Want to stay informed? Fill in the form below!

"It's time for organizations to reinvent themselves for the Never Normal world. Let us inspire you to kickstart your innovation!"

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