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WHEN: As soon as we can
WHAT: Bootcamp to kickstart your innovation
PRICE: €2.999 (KMO-Portefeuille)

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Who will benefit from this program?

  • You’re a restless innovator, never pleased with the status quo.
  • You want to change things in your organization (although you don’t know exactly how).
  • You have the heart of an entrepreneur and love to build and experiment.
  • You are someone who puts the customer first. Always. 
  • You’re always hungry to know, see and experience more.

What can you expect?

  • Knowledge and insights about innovation, technology and customer centricity.
  • Concrete case story examples of successful corporate and start-up entrepreneurs.
  • Defining and experiencing the first steps of your future.
  • Networking with likeminded humans. And maybe with a robot or 2.
  • An avalanche of inspiration and ideas.
  • A growth path for you and your organization to successfully embrace the day after tomorrow.

We take you on an eye-opening 3-day journey (plus one-day reunion) to kickstart your innovation!

About this program

During a nexxworks innovation bootcamp, you learn from the best. For each bootcamp we select born entrepreneurs, technology wizards and people thriving in fast-changing environments. Just like you, they are eager to learn, share their knowledge and grow stronger together. Innovation is not made to stay on an island within an organization, it’s meant to conquer the world. Are you in?

Everyday, we start at our basecamp with mind-opening keynotes that help setting the scene. Topics include the latest technologies, failures (yes that’s innovation too), cutting edge transformation insights and case studies from entrepreneurs both big and small.

After that, we explore the wild west of innovation and learn from companies in the field.

Each day will be wrapped up by one of our nexxworks’ coaches who help you craft an individual plan that works for you and your organization. The goal is to create the necessary knowledge to transform yourself, your team and maybe even your whole organization... At the end of day three, you'll go home full of ideas, inspiration... and homework!

4 months after the bootcamp, we’ll invite you to a full day of reflection and sharing at the Bootcamp Reunion!


Even though we have a pretty good idea about the future, we don’t have a crystal ball. Just like so many of us, we have to wait and see how things develop. However, we want to give you all information you need. 

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Our speakers

Consumer Trends and How to Adapt
Day 1 will zoom in on the latest consumer trends and how you can adapt to them. How do you cope with the ever higher demands from your customers and how do other companies (even in B2B) experiment in this field? We'll start the day with Steven Van...
Steven Van Belleghem
Steven is an expert in customer focus in a digital world and in how our customers will behave in the Day After Tomorrow. He is a popular speaker at home and abroad. In his keynote presentations, Steven takes his audience on a journey to the world of...
Dirk Wynants
Dirk Wynants - Extremis
Dirk Wynants Design Works (DWDW) materialized through a unique design methodology. A human centered, ecologically minded approach that is the manifestation of Dirk’s own personal pursuit to better things. There’s no greater satisfaction than...
Jasper De Jaeger - Unilin
Jasper De Jaeger has been working as Technical Services Manager of the flooring division of Unilin (Laminate, Parquet, Vinyl and accessories) since 2014. He's the perfect speaker to show how a traditional production company takes innovation to a...
Lieven Vanlommel
Lieven Vanlommel - Foodmaker
Ceo and founder FoodMaker
Hans Verwimp
Hans Verwimp - Studio 100
Sales and Marketing Director at Studio 100
Using  Technology
How can technology help you to do things differently? How can you rethink yourself and your business for the future? Where can you start? We'll help you on your way with some of the latest evolutions in the matter.
Mieke De Ketelaere - IMEC
Mieke De Ketelaere is Program Director Artificial Intelligence at IMEC. She holds a master degree in civil and industrial engineering and specialised on robotics and artificial intelligence during her studies. Over the last 25 years, she has worked...
Tom Husson
Tom Husson - HUMAIN.AI
We build better, faster & healthier organisations by blending human knowledge &AI predictions to create an easier, more fulfilling way of going about our day to day lives.Together we validate the why, how & what of your AI efforts.We do...
Erwin Verstraelen
Erwin Verstraelen - Port of Antwerp
I grew up with some some quotes from my dad in mind. Since then, I've developed a few on my own that guide my view on the world" A gift is a gift and not a given. The more you work on developing the gift, the more it becomes a given. So my gift to...
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Stakeholder Engagement
Now that you’ve been submerged in innovation, how can you transfer that experience to your team, your boss and the different stakeholders in the company? How can you invite and engage them to join your journey? Innovation is a network, not an...
Nancy Website
Nancy Rademaker
With over 20 years of experience in IT and training, amongst which five years working for Microsoft in the Netherlands and Europe, Nancy has always and above all passionately focused upon people: how technology influences their behaviour, how it...
Christoph Sollich
Christoph is known as The Pitch Doctor in Berlin and beyond. He’s helped 1.200+ startups pitch better and is a mentor/coach for dozens of accelerators, incubators and startup competitions (e.g. hub:raum, E.ON :agile, Airbus BizLab, Techstars Metro,...
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Global  Trends
Three months after the bootcamp, we offer you a fresh perspective on your actions and meet again for a new day of inspiration! We'll focus on three mega-trends: 1. The importance of global context and knowledge management. 2. We learn from the best...
Tom Van de Weghe - VRT
Tom Van de Weghe is an award-winning investigative journalist and documentary filmmaker for the Belgian public broadcaster VRT, where he analyzes geopolitics.  Prior to being based in Brussels, he was the bureau chief of VRT News America in...
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Astrid Van Parys - Colruyt
Astrid is responsible for developing and implementing the sustainable strategy at Colruyt. That covers a number of sustainability areas such as health, wellbeing and societal impact. At the heart of what she does is a commitment to sustainability by...
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