Health & Food 4.0 Tour Silicon Valley

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WHEN: As soon as we can
WHAT: Explore the future of food in Silicon Valley
PRICE: Early-adopter's fee of €8.900

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The food & health(care) industry is one of the fastest moving and most disruptive. With inspiring examples like food producers that have an impact on logistics or tech companies that are entering healthcare (insurance), our Health & Food 4.0 Tour will show you how this sector is no longer content to "stay in its lane". And how it could very well be coming for your industry. 

Join us to experience the future together with your peers!

Here’s what the program could look like:

Day 1: The Future Of Food

The future of food is personalized, sustainable and transparent. We’ll visit the pioneers that are re-inventing how food is produced, prepared, traced and distributed: those that are able to transform themselves along with the ever changing thirst of consumers for better experiences.

Day 2: Smart Health

Data feeds the future of health. By analysing our DNA, bodily functions, habits, contextual information, emotions, food intake or even social interactions, we will finally learn to turn our current sick care into a real health (preservation) care. We'll also introduce you to those players that are reinventing the communication between the medical and pharma sector and the patient, cutting through all the noise and focussing on data-driven relevance.

Day 3: Re-Engineering (Human) Nature

From lab grown organs to CRISPR solving major diseases: we keep getting better at modifying ourselves and our natural environment to create a more sustainable and healthy future. Industry-specific though these developments may seem, they will have a big impact on how we produce food and (OTC) medication too.

Day 4: (Employee) Wellbeing

Wellbeing is an undeniable part of our health, of what we eat and even of how happy and effective we are at work. So the last morning, we’ll focus on what makes our customers, and our employees feel good: how do we keep them engaged and satisfied, and which types of perks have the most impact?

We’re still building a kick-ass program but you can expect the likes of Google Food Lab, Lynx care, Ava, Adam Gazzaley, Brian Frank, Woebot, Pacifica, uBiome, Omada Health, Just, NotCo, Iron Ox, Zume, Eatsa, Autodesk, Mammoth, Babel VC, Indio.Bio, Plug & Play, food system 6, Terra (Rabobank), HumanAPI, Soylent, Jeremiah Owyang, Nima Sensor, CafeX, Donald Jones, Creator,  Viome, Helix, Social Capital, Google Verily, Scibac Orthly, Habit, Cardiogram, Mickey Siegel, Yeshua Adonai, Byteflies, Palantir, Methodology, Regrained, New wave foods, Chowbotics, Impactvision, Kitchentown, Wellio and many more.

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