Future of Work Tour - Silicon Valley San Francisco

09 Dec till 14 Dec 2018
Future Work Short

Innovation is not a buzzword.
It’s motivating your people to go the extra mile.
It’s creating the right conditions for creativity to thrive.
It’s leadership; lifting your people and your organization.
It’s lifelong learning
It’s an experience

This nexxworks innovation program is unfortunately over. If you're interested, feel free to explore our upcoming programs.

How to organize innovation?

Our Future of Work Tour tells you exactly how to organize innovation. From startups to scale-ups to corporates, everybody is struggling with leadership, organization structures and lifelong learning.

Today more than ever, the workplace is changing and the needs of organizations to innovate in order to survive is stronger than ever. Let us show you how your organization can become lean, agile, people-focused and innovation-minded.

Join Peter Hinssen on a 5-day long mind-altering trip through Silicon Valley to discover how the Day After Tomorrow of work will look like.

We have prepared a couple of megatrends for you that will enable innovation.

  • The augmented worker – people and skills
  • Employee engagement – people and motivation
  • The workplace of the future – people and space
  • Rethinking organizations – people and their organization
  • People and empowerment – employee engagement & leadership

Full program

DAY 1 December 09

Sunday - Welcome in San Francisco

Time to get to know your travel companions and discover the city while doing so. 

DAY 2 December 10

Monday - People and Skills: the augmented worker

Innovation requires superhero-employees and knowledge to flow freely through your organization. The right tools and lifelong learning can truly make the difference.

People will have to work with and next to machines to become better at what they’re doing. The augmented worker is a mix between technology, the right tools and the right mindset.

To support this shift, learning needs to become an experience and well-educated people can turn that experience into something new that you might not yet have thought about. 

DAY 3 December 11

Tuesday - People and space: the workplace of the future

No, we’re not talking about the flex-desk at your office where everybody seems to be sitting in the same chair every day.

The workplace of the future might not be what you’re imagining. Technology has enabled us to work everywhere we want, the gig economy has shifted the way we work and yet, everybody is driving to work during rush hour.

A workplace that generates innovation is flexible, open, stimulating and all around us. 

DAY 4 December 12

Wednesday - People and empowerment – employee engagement & leadership

Engaging your people requires a special form of leadership. What does it really mean to be a “leader” in the 21st century? Innovation grows together with great leadership and so does your organization.

People love learning from their peers. Part of a good leaders’ role is to create ecosystems of learning to get people involved and keep them motivated.

DAY 5 December 13

Thursday - Re-thinking organizations

How do you organize for innovation? Superhero employees combined with an inspiring workplace and great leadership are a good start. But how does it all fit together? The innovation puzzle has 4 dimensions and there’s no silver bullet. Day 4 will help you to create the perfect puzzle with the pieces you have at your organization.

DAY 6 December 14

Friday - People and skills - the flexible worker

The worker of today is not the worker of tomorrow and definitely not the worker of the Day After Tomorrow. Lifelong learning is needed more than ever. 

Technologies change so fast that a 25-year old junior competes on effectiveness with a 40-year old senior manager. In your company, you'll need both but how can you leverage their different skills and keep them up-to-date with the latest developments at the same time? 

Food for thought.

Our speakers

Peter Hinssen Black White 1
Peter Hinssen
Peter is a serial entrepreneur, Forbes contributor, LinkedIn Influencer, best-selling author and one of the most sought-after thought leaders on organizing for the Day After Tomorrow, radical innovation, leadership and the impact of all things...
Heather E. McGowan
McGowan is an internationally recognized keynote speaker on the future of work and the future of learning. Accelerating disruptive cycles in industry, with rising automation and rapid adoption and scaling of technology, are making traditional jobs...
from Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS)
to San Francisco Intl. (SFO)
Sunday December 9
from 10:25 till 12:25
from San Francisco Intl. (SFO)
to Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS)
Friday December 14
from 14:35 till 09:50
Moscone Center Hotel Photo Gallery Top81

Intercontinental Hotel San Francisco

888 Howard St
SF, CA 94103
United States

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