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Future of Work Tour - Silicon Valley San Francisco

09 Dec till 14 Dec 2018
Future Work Short

How do agile organizations structure themselves, and what’s their culture?

Which are the job skills that will bring us to the Day After Tomorrow? And how can you keep reshaping your team to meet these skills?

How can your people augment themselves by collaborating, with humans AND with robots and AI?

And how do you keep everyone passionately engaged?

Find out on our Future of Work Tour!

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Work is being redefined as we speak. By technology. By globalization. By changing customer behaviour. Our Future of Work Tour will show you how your people can profit from these changes. Because automation is a blessing - not a threat – if you use it right.

Join Peter Hinssen on a 5-day long mind-altering trip through Silicon Valley to discover how the Day After Tomorrow of work will look like.

We have prepared five megatrends for you that will reshape work as we know it.

  • The augmented worker – people and things
  • Worker engagement – people and people
  • The workplace of the future – people and space
  • Rethinking organizations – people and their organization
  • The flexible worker – people and skills

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DAY 1 December 09

Sunday - Welcome in San Francisco

Time to get to know your travel companions and discover the city while doing so. 

DAY 2 December 10

Monday - The augmented worker

The industrial revolution and computers have changed the way we work. In a way, these revolutions were all about tools augmenting employees and making them work more efficiently. 

But machines, computers and smartphones were only the beginning. Technology is becoming smaller, more connected and more personalized than ever. The augmented worker will nog longer with a machine, the augmented worker will work together with machines.

Bots, AI-platforms, augmented reality and exoskeletons will improve the performance of people, requiring new skills and adaptivity. 

DAY 3 December 11

Tuesday - People and space: the workplace of the future

In a world where data and artificial intelligence are taking over, creativity is the new gold. How do you stimulate innovation? What makes us human and how will the workplace of the future look like? Will there even be a workplace? What with digital Nomads who would rather work in a coffee bar than your carefully designed office? 

Hundreds of questions we'll try to answer on this tour.

DAY 4 December 12

Wednesday - Employee engagement

Motivation is hard to pinpoint. Thousands of different factors can influence the behavior and effectiveness of a (potential) employee. Enabling humans is about much more than just a yearly raise to keep them happy. It's about coaching, guidance, follow-up and attention. Humans demand a personalized approach and technology can help to enable that. 

The gig economy fundamentally changes the career path of employees as well. At Uber, employees stay an average of 1,8 years at the job and Europe is following suit. 

DAY 5 December 13

Thursday - Re-thinking organizations

There are hundreds of different manners to organize innovation. One of the most effective ways is with network-centered organizations, though: where knowledge workers are able to increase competitiveness through collaboration with small, agile and empowered teams.

But how do you organize this? Is holacracy the answer? Is self-management suitable for a large corporate? Or do you need a more centralized approach? Let's dive into the secrets of Silicon Valley to discover how the most innovative companies there are organizing for innovation.

DAY 6 December 14

Friday - People and skills - the flexible worker

The worker of today is not the worker of tomorrow and definitely not the worker of the Day After Tomorrow. Lifelong learning is needed more than ever. 

Technologies change so fast that a 25-year old junior competes on effectiveness with a 40-year old senior manager. In your company, you'll need both but how can you leverage their different skills and keep them up-to-date with the latest developments at the same time? 

Food for thought.

Our tourguides

Peter Hinssen Black White 1
Peter Hinssen
Peter is a serial entrepreneur, Forbes contributor, LinkedIn Influencer, best-selling author and one of the most sought-after thought leaders on organizing for the Day After Tomorrow, radical innovation, leadership and the impact of all things...
Mathias Small Website
Matthias De Clercq
Matthias is Chief Customer Officer at nexxworks. Coming from retail-giant Coolblue, he's experienced in omni-channel, e-commerce, physical (retail) outlets, organisational development, customer journey, NPS, creating win-win situations,...
from Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS)
to San Francisco Intl. (SFO)
Sunday December 9
from 10:25 till 12:25
from San Francisco Intl. (SFO)
to Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS)
Friday December 14
from 14:35 till 09:50
Moscone Center Hotel Photo Gallery Top81

Intercontinental Hotel San Francisco

888 Howard St
SF, CA 94103
United States

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