Equans Inspiration Bootcamp

07 Oct till 07 Oct 2021
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Equans is part of the ENGIE Group, a global industry leader in low-carbon energy and services, whose ambition is to become the leader in the zero-carbon transition.  

nexxworks’ objective for this Inspiration day was to inspire Equans’managers with new insights and sparks for their transformation. We kickstarted Equans (ENGIE solutions Belux) Inspiration day in October, in which we focused on 4 building blocks; 

Sensing what’s next in the world  

  • The world’s big shifts today
  • How to sense, try, scale & run innovation
  • Ecosystem thinking
  • The big reset
  • A flux mindset


Reflecting on user experience and customer relationships 

  • Customer-centricity
  • The new interfaces
  • Personalization, data, AI, …
  • Building trust
  • Platform economy

Exploring circular economy 

  • A circular business model 

  • New building models  

  • Energy, water, waste, … spotlights 


Building a future-proof organization  

  • Leading for change  

  • Mindset & culture building 

  • Collaboration 

  • Future of work

If you’re ready to dive into the day after tomorrow for your company, reach out and have a chat with us!  


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