Future of Mobility Bootcamp

27 Nov till 29 Nov 2018
Ai Codes Coding 97077

The future of industrial combustion engines is changing due to external environmental pressures. What does this mean for the automotive and industrial industries? What will be the overall impact of these technological advancements?

We discussed the strategy shift from the traditional combustion engine industries using heating and cooling fluid systems, to a more environmental approach. We took a look at the future effects if these industries don't change, and how they have the opportunity to find new sources of power through renewable and sustainable energy initiatives. 

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Becoming a Lean Organization

How does lean innovation have an impact on your business? Are you looking externally to see how other factors and forces might be preventing you from potential opportunities? 


How can having a focus on customer centricity and AI benefit you? 

What drives your ecosystem? How can you sustain innovation that is good for your business and the planet?


Industry 4.0 & Ecosystem Thinking 

Are we prepared for the fourth industrial revolution?

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