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Driving the Future - Automotive Tour San Francisco

02 Dec till 07 Dec 2018
Photo By Javier Garcia On Unsplash

Eager to experience from the front-row seats which technologies and organizations will drive the future of mobility? 

Join us on a unique Innovation Tour in Silicon Valley to see how transporting people and goods from A to B is changing forever.

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We're designing a stellar program to help you experience how the future of mobility is all about ACES: the convergence of the Autonomous, Connected, Electrical and Shared megatrends. 

We're still cooking up a wonderful program for our tour but the likes of Lyft, Turo, Uber, Scoot, RideCell and Chariot are on our wishlist when it comes to opening up the possibilities of shared mobility. To help you experience the trends in autonomous driving from the front seats, we're already looking towards the likes of and we'd love to know how NIO is designing the car of the future. When it comes to first-hand inspiration about electrification, you can expect Tesla, Chargepoint and/or other highly disruptive companies.

Secondly, beyond ACES, this program will bring you to some of the most innovative enablers of the automotive industry: insurers like MetroMile or Getaround, or transportation policy pioneers like Emily Castor (Lyft) and Mike Masserman (Lyft). Icebreakers like Mark Platshon (Icebreaker Ventures) share their visions about the future and why Tesla is the new Ford. Academics like Anca Dragan are on the research frontline, working heavily to make humans work with robots (yes, you read that right). 

Last, but not least, we'll look into what this changes for humans: consumers and customers. Who will still buy cars and why? Which industries will be affected? What will be the future for car designers, manufacturers or distributors? What will the next mobility platform look like? 

Feel free to also let us know your suggestions: which are thé companies that should be part of this roadtrip? 

This program will be one of the wildest and most inspiring weeks of 2018: a deep dive into the Day After Tomorrow of Mobility in the rich ecosystem of Silicon Valley! Ready to join this ride? 



Arrival in San Francisco.

We bring you to the hotel and share the first practicalities for the week. 

Introduction keynote about the "Day After Tomorrow" of mobility by Rik Vera.  

Welcome dinner. 



Shared mobility

Companies like Uber and Lyft are the ones who revolutionized the transportation industry with their peer-to-peer business model. The impact it had, spread like a virus. It challenged incumbents, governments and even the average family brunch conversation.

But there is more. Instead of only sharing your car with other people, why not actually share the car itself? Turo is lesser known in Europe but thé largest peer-to-peer car rental platform in the US and Canada, representing a community of more than 2 million owners and travellers.  

Thirdly, once we share cars and optimize their use, why not look into sharing the ideal routing? It’s exactly the reason why you see Chariot’s vans popping up everywhere on the roads in San Francisco.

Autonomous Driving

Opinions vary whether the self-driving car will know its breakthrough within one, three or five years. Fact is, we’re close. Waymo is refining its technology on the road with two million miles on public roads already. 

Nio is redefining what the behaviour of the future car customer - or perhaps bettter say consumer - will look like from a global point of view.

Please consider this a preliminary program based on last year's tour. We'll update as soon as new elements arrive at the horizon.

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There is no more stopping the change that is happening right now in the car market. Under the impulse of Tesla and the pressure from governments, almost every car manufacturer has announced to start producing electric cars before or around 2020. 

No wonder we are interested in how the future of mobility will look like when electric cars take over. The impact on the industry will be massive and many business will have to change in order to cope.

In case you'd still be in the 'no no, this will never happen - camp', perhaps the following companies might alter your perspective: 

Chargepoint is already the world’s largest and most open EV charging network, empowering not only the fleet industry, but also retail and the workplace in general. 

We had the opportunity to visit the autonomous car builder which is building the engine of the future and guess what? It's not really big, massive and roaring but rather silent, effective and supersmart. Take a look at this video to watch it in action! 

Please consider this a preliminary program based on last year's tour. We'll update as soon as new elements arrive at the horizon.

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Customer Centricity

The autonomous revolution is as significant as the electrification one in the past. People might not own, drive or finance cars anymore. So the question emerges: who is the new car customer? What does this mean for car designers? How can they make cars appealing again for the new generations to come? Which functions does it serve? Why and when will people use which car? 

Recharge yourself by discovering San Francisco

Inspiration is intense so we’ll pause the rollercoaster with an enlightening activity. Enjoy what San Francisco has to offer beyond innovation and technology.

Please consider this a preliminary program based on last year's tour. We'll update as soon as new elements arrive at the horizon.

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The autonomous world is shaking up things quite heavily and has an impact on many underlying sectors. Let’s see how incumbents like BMW prepare itself for the future. Let’s ask venture capitalists how and why they invest. Let’s ask the world’s most smartest people in Berkeley or Stanford which rocks will move. And how did a company like Lyft advance in a world where no policies existed?

Please consider this a preliminary program based on last year's tour. We'll update as soon as new elements arrive at the horizon.

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Our tourguides

Rik Vera
Rik Vera

Rik is a renowned thought-leader, worldwide keynote speaker, acclaimed author and trusted advisor on the topics of extreme customer-centricity, disruption, business model change, sales, marketing and making companies ready for the Day After Tomorrow. 

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