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Day After Tomorrow Tour - China Beijing / Shanghai

16 Sep till 21 Sep 2018
Shanghai Skyline 2

How do Chinese innovation pioneers organize for their Day After Tomorrow? Which Day After Tomorrow technologies are they investing in? What are their business models for the Day After Tomorrow?

Our tour will open your eyes to the rich possibilities of the East, shift your perspective and showcase tangible answers to the questions described above. Prepare to be blown away. 

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China is well on its way to becoming one of the top innovation nations in the world. For the last years, top pioneers in China have been outnumbering – and even out-innovating – the top companies in Silicon Valley. Alibaba, Tencent and Youku Tudou are just some of the most well-known examples. But the region is also a true hotbed for fresh and leading edge start-ups and scale-ups like Xiaomi, Didi Chuxing and One of the most striking differences with the West is the scale & speed of their endeavours. Chinese organizations do not just 'Think Big'. They 'Think Huge': beyond their company, beyond their products, their services, their country, their target market, and their competition. We have a lot to learn from their ambition.

Join us on an eye-opening innovation tour to Beijing and Shanghai, two of the fastest growing innovation hubs in the world. Together we'll experience how Chinese organizations are able to innovate on such a mind-blowing scale, which role the government or the national culture have to play in this and what the latest tech and business trends of the East are. This tour will literally turn your perspective upside down.

We'll start this trip in Beijing, to follow the trail of money. Expect gritty start-ups, bootstrapping their way to unicornship, and - what they call - 'scale-ups', worth a whopping 4 billion dollars. We'll dive into how the venture battle works and end with some of the big guys sharing their journey to world domination. 

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DAY 1 September 16

Sunday - Welcome in China! 

Time to get to know your travel companions and discover the city while doing so. 

DAY 2 September 17

Monday - From start-up to unicorn - part I 

On the first day in Beijing we'll explore how China's entrepreneurship and innovation comes to life. Consequently, we'll go search for its blood lines: how, where and when does the money is flow work.

From gritty start-ups pacing up with a 10K funding round, to 'scale-ups'. Do mind the skeptical approach because it's no exception these companies are already worth 4B$. 

Besides the company perspective, we'll bring you to one or two venture capitalists or business thought leaders to step into the conversation. 

DAY 3 September 18

Tuesday - From start-up to unicorn - part II

Once a scale-up, unicorn-ship is the next challenge! Let's go talk to some big guys. 

DAY 4 September 19

Wednesday - From start-up to unicorn - part III

We continue our Beijing rollercoaster and promise to combine with some Beijing sightseeing. 

As Tencent (WeChat - the true operating system of China) is located in Shenzhen, we'll host them in Beijing or Shanghai. 

In the evening, we hop on the plane to Shanghai to explore how business is not only interesting as such. We'll dive into how it's transforming life and society in general. 

DAY 5 September 20

Thursday - Welcome to Shanghai! A smart city - Part I

2010 Shanghai's expo slogan was as follows: better city, better life. Exactly what you're about to discover on your 2 days in this global, bustling city. 

On the first day we'll dive into public aspects of society and cities. We go explore how technology is making them smart and what China is doing with it. 

- What does the retail experience look like in China?

- What will the impact of autonomous cars and electrification be?

- How is health being organised? 

- What can we learn (or unlearn) from the Chinese educational system?

- What's the balance of security, safety and privacy?  

- How do we (re)make this earth a sustainable and clean environment to live in?

DAY 6 September 21

Friday - Welcome to Shanghai! A smart city - Part II

On the second day we'll dive into private, more individual aspects of smart cities. 

- How do Chinese balance work and life? 

- What about entertainment and sports in China?

- How smart are Chinese homes? 

Our tourguides

Nancy Rademaker
Nancy Rademaker

With over 20 years of experience in IT and training, Nancy has always and above all passionately focused upon people: how technology influences their behaviour, how it helps them share knowledge and how it enables them to create and innovate. She is a highly rated and motivating international business speaker. She has energized many roundtables, boardroom sessions and corporate events with bold presentations on the topics of extreme customer centricity, disruption, business model change and marketing. She loves inspiring others about how they can organize their companies for The Day After Tomorrow and push their business models to the next level.

Pascal Coppens Black White
Pascal Coppens

Pascal is keynote speaker and advisor for western corporations and leaders on how to deal with Chinese innovation. As a 20 years long China tech entrepreneur, he has first hand experience to explain and simplify the realities of how exactly Chinese innovation will impact us all. His prime focus is around artificial intelligence, and how this disruption will get adopted by Chinese consumers first.

from Brussels Airport BRU
to Beijing Capital International Airport PEK
Saturday September 15
from 13:40 till 05:30
from Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport SHA
to Beijing Capital International Airport PEK
Friday September 21
from 20:55 till 23:20
from Beijing Capital International Airport PEK
to Brussels Airport BRU
Saturday September 22
from 01:20 till 05:55