China's New Normal - After Covid-19 Online Immersive Program

18 May till 26 May 2020
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What can we learn from China's speed, resilience and innovative mindset to recover from the Covid-19 crisis? Join our China experts and moderators for a unique online immersive program from the safe setting of your sofa.

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Asia is leading the way out of the crisis...

The Covid-19 Crisis is an unprecedented catalyst for change. This shock will rewrite the rules of the game and accelerate, amongst others, socio-economic and technological trends that were already happening. The only way forward is to change and adapt to the new reality. Quickly.

We believe the fastest economic rebound will most probably take place in Asia, and in China in particular. The continent has learned from previous crises and was better prepared. But it’s the dynamism, agility, and the speed of change of Asian companies that now sets them apart. They’re known for their resilience and they learned to operate in highly dynamic, fast-growing markets, against the same backdrop of digital disruption and rapidly evolving consumer demands.

China's innovative mindset will propel Asian companies and economies at large to become global frontrunners, set the pace and lead the way out of the crisis.

""Speed is the new disruption""

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Pascal Coppens China Expert nexxworks

…And we bring you to the frontline. Online!

To help you get up to speed, we invite you to learn first-hand and front row from China and its innovators.

Digitally moderated by nexxworks and our China keynote speaker Pascal Coppens, and virtually hosted by experts on the ground, we explore in depth how China and Chinese companies created a fertile soil to overcome this crisis and prepare for a faster future.

From the safe setting of your sofa, join us for an eye-opening and inspiring journey with: 

  • Live keynotes and webinars
  • Live footage behind the scenes
  • Open discussions
  • Virtual tours and a glimpse of life in China

Building further on our webinar series “How China Dealt With The Covid-19 Crisis”, we dig deeper in the lessons learned, we explore a variety of topics to help you design a winning strategy and we answer all your questions.

We bring you to the place of action, introduce you to inspiring speakers and share valuable insights and useful examples that you can immediately translate in an action plan. Brace yourself for a unique online learning experience.


Day 1 - China’s New Normal May 18

Kick-off webinar with our China Expert Pascal Coppens
Moderated Q&A session – any question you ever wanted to ask about China
Live Interview with Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab

Day 2 - The Speed of Change May 19

Webinar with Pascal Coppens
Bridging the East-West gap: debate with Western tech-entrepreneurs in China
A guided tour with Jan Van Loon on the streets of Shanghai

Day 3 - Tech To The Rescue

Webinar with Ed Sander: a deep dive in Chinese Technology
The daily tech-life of a Chinese citizen: a live showcase of China tech with Temperance Shen Meng
Virtual visit of the Plug and Play Tech Centre in Shanghai

Day 4 - The Way Forward

Making sense: panel discussion with 4 China experts and participants
Digitally moderated workshop to translate learnings in actions
Closing thoughts

Our speakers

Pascal Coppens Black White
Pascal Coppens
Pascal is a sinologist, but more so a die-hard China entrepreneur and keynote speaker. Armed with a degree in Business Engineering from Solvay Business School, Pascal started his career with Alcatel in Shanghai. His keynotes and business advice...
Jan Van Loon
Jan is a strategic consultant based in Shanghai who has been living in China since 2004, experiencing the changes that are taking place firsthand, putting him in the unique position to bridge the cultural boundaries between East and West. Jan holds...
Ed Sander
Ed Sander is a China Tech Speaker and Study Tour Leader. With his ChinaTalk, he wants to help people understand China, especially it's digital innovation and internet space. For two years, he worked as a marketing consultant for local NGOs in China....