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Connecting HCPs with patients remotely

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With social distancing and traveling restrictions, patients are unable to access healthcare in a timely manner, resulting in late diagnosis, treatment or care. There are also capacity issues at hospitals. This is impacting both patient outcomes and helathcare ecosystems - which would be under pressure once these patients present at later stages. Telehealth adoption creates possibilities for HCPs and patients to have access to virtual interactions, exchange of information, consultations, diagnosis, prescription and monitoring along the patient journey continuum. Teleheleath could enable patients to have continous access to helathcare systems and enable healthcare systems to deliver on patient outcomes

What is a virtual inspiration tour and what is the intended outcome? 

This will be an inspirational session conducted virtually. You will hear from your colleagues in Roche who came up with innovative and/or pragmatic ideas to tackle healthsystem and patient challenges for their patients, AND by worldwide start-ups who have taken it upon themselves to create solutions for the specific challenge. You will leave this session inspired by the possibilities on how you can experiment to better serve our patients in the COVID-impacted / post-COVID world with external partners and other affiliates.

Why should you join? 

#1: You will get access to high impact entrepreneurs who ALREADY demonstrated their potential to scale

#2: Identify affiliates within your Roche network that can potentially co-create with you. We will collect affiliates interests to partner on those challenges. From there we will be able to create communities working together.

#3: Engaging a local customer in the co-creation journey. Inspire him by inviting them as you like.

When and how will this take place?

The virtual inspiration tour will be organized for two different timezones - you will be able to chose your preferred timing in the registration page. The calls themselves will be organized via Zoom, for which you will receive all the necessary links/log-ins via e-mail. The specific timings are:

  • August 19th: 09:00 CET - 12:00 CET
  • August 26th: 18:00 CET - 21:00 CET

Can you already share some of the content? 

The start-up's that will be joining us are;

  • Babylon Health: A multipurpose healthcare and telemedicine assistant for various basic illnesses and healthcare needs for the general population. Find more info on the Caring site, on their official website or watch this short video.
  • Tytocare: TytoCare is a handheld exam kit and telemedicine app that lets you perform guided medical exams with a healthcare provider, anytime, anywhere. Interested, more info on the Caring site, on their official website or in this video.
  • Navya: This India-based start-up empowers every cancer patient, caregiver, and physician with timely, personalized, and affordable treatment plans based on clinical evidence and consensus-driven and real-time expertise. More info to be found on the Caring website or on their official website.
  • Kaiku Health:Transform Oncology care and improve outcomes with digital patient monitoring solutions that enable patients to take an active role in their journey and health care providers to make better and faster treatment decisions. Read & watch their video here for more info. The presentation will be done by the Roche team, not the start-up itself.

The affiliates that will be sharing their experiences are:

  • Pakistan: about working with the digital healthcare platform "Oladoc" to transform the local healthcare market.
  • Europe (together with the startup KAIKU, see above)
  • Italy: Speaking about the "Smart Health Companion"

Ready to join us, get inspired and start experimenting!?

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If you have more questions regarding this program, contact us here!