nexxworks Collective spotlight: Education in the Day After Tomorrow with Raya Bidshahri May 17, 2021

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We’re incredibly proud of the top international speakers of our nexxworks Collective, and the fantastic stories, insights and cases that they bring to our customers and the rest of the world. In a new monthly format, we’ll be introducing our favorite clips and podcasts from the Collective speakers, about some of the most inspiring trends and evolutions out there.

This first episode of our ‘nexxworks Collective spotlight’ is dedicated to Raya Bidshahri, who’s a serial entrepreneur, author, futurist, educator and keynote speaker. As the Founder and CEO of Awecademy and The School of Humanity, Raya is one of the world’s leading experts in alternative models in education, the future of work and exponential innovation. She has been featured by the BBC as one of the 100 most influential and inspirational women globally and is a member of the Bett Global Education Council.

Earlier this month, Raya launched a radically new type of educational organization: The School of Humanity. The latter is an online high school where learners develop future fluencies by solving global challenges. The aim of this approach is to equip the next generation with the skills and mindsets required to accelerate human progress.

With her bold ideas and projects, it’s safe to say that Raya is one of the most powerful movers and shakers in the world of education. Enjoy her favourite and most recent clips and podcasts!

For more information about Raya, check her speaker page

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