What we do

Digital has changed the rules

Success today depends on how fast and responsive an organisation is. 
And on how radically it is preparing itself for The Day After Tomorrow. 
Many incumbents are struggling with this because of their complexity and scale.

We help you INNOVATE for the day after tomorrow

  • Extreme customer centricity

    We pull the customer back in to the heart of your company.

    Extreme customer centricity is a strategy, not a slogan.

  • Digital delight

    We show you how digital helps you become more human.

    It’s about conversations, not tools.

  • Network speed

    We help you regain the innovation fluidity you lost as you grew.

    By connecting. By experimenting. By sharing.

We are not consultants

We are agents of change

Short term solutions Impact
Advice Empowerment
They work for you We collaborate
Analysis & models Emergence
You and them Us
Theory Action
Temporary external node Network of internal and external nodes
Medication Healthy living

But we keep it real

Large companies cannot be superfluid like start-ups.
They thrive by switching between the frozen and the fluid state (watch movie).
We help you find this balance, so you won’t become rigid and irrelevant.
We show you how your people can keep reinventing your company.

How we do it

We inject the innovation virus in your company


We find your future architects inside your company.
Those who share our DNA.
Those who are smart, open and fast.
Those who dare to be different.

We’ll shock, wow and connect them.
We’ll turn their perspectives upside down.
By inspiring them with incredible stories.
By showing them the greatest disruptors.
By filling the gaps in their knowledge, skills and tools.



We coach your pioneers to transform their ignited insights into business cases.
We guide them through the innovation loop.
We make sure they grow from these ventures.

We help your team turn experiments into real
products and services, so that they can start spreading
the innovation virus.


We strive
for obsoleteness

We’re about synergy, not symbiosis.
We measure our success by how superfluous we become.
We start out as the leading character - showing, teaching and inspiring -
and will not rest until your team is empowered.

What we value most

What we are looking for in your pioneers

over seperate nodes
(however brilliant)

Action over theory

Curiosity over certainty
(certainty is an illusion
in a VUCA world)

Fun above
anything else

Customer over

Impact over

over boring

We need your commitment

Don't work with us if...

... you want incremental innovation.

... you're afraid of upsetting "Management".

... you hate risk

... you punish failure. Failure is how you learn. It is how you grow.

Work with us if you want radical impact.

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