Day After Tomorrow Tour China

Sunday 14 May - Friday 19 May 2017

How do Chinese innovation pioneers organize for their Day After Tomorrow? Which Day After Tomorrow technologies are they investing in? What are their business models for the Day After Tomorrow? 

Our tour will open your eyes to the rich possibilities of the East, shift your perspective and showcase tangible answers to the questions described above. Prepare to be blown away.

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China is well on its way to becoming one of the top innovation nations in the world. For the last years, top pioneers in China have been outnumbering – and even out-innovating – the top companies in Silicon Valley. Alibaba, Tencent and Youku Tudou are just some of the most well-known examples. But the region is also a true hotbed for fresh and leading edge start-ups and scale-ups like Xiaomi, Didi Chuxing and One of the most striking differences with the West is the scale & speed of their endeavours. Chinese organizations do not just 'Think Big'. They 'Think Huge': beyond their company, beyond their products, their services, their country, their target market, and their competition. We have a lot to learn from their ambition.

Join us on an eye-opening innovation tour to Shenzhen, Hangzhou and Shanghai, three of the fastest growing innovation hubs in the world. Together we'll experience how Chinese organizations are able to innovate on such a mind-blowing scale, which role the government or the national culture have to play in this and what the latest tech and business trends of the East are. This tour will literally turn your perspective upside down. 


From production madness and dominating platforms in Shenzhen to the Alibaba e-commerce legacy & its ingredients in Hangzhou, to the (financial) service perspective of Shanghai, we've included all of it for you to discover. Our tourguides will make sure you return with an emotional & intellectual awareness that will shift your world perspective. 

The program will be conducted in English.


May 14

18:00 - 22:00


Welcome to the Chinese ecosystem 

Filip Caeldries (Professor Strategic Management TIAS)

We start on Sunday with a Keynote, Q&A & reflection exercise. Filip has a deep understanding of the Chinese ecosystem & will outline the fundamentals which form the essential ingredients for this thriving innovation hub. 

Welcome Dinner

Time to get to know your travel companions & sense their Silicon Dragon DNA.

Sleep off the jet lag at the Four Seasons Hotel Shenzhen

Day 1:

May 15



Welcome to one of the fastest growing cities on earth! 

Shenzhen has known exponential growth since it was labeled as SEZ or Special Economic Zone. Join the most populated area in the world & explore between the skyscrapers how innovation ignites.  

We will show you Made In China 2.0. You'll discover that China is no longer a copy machine solely in search of economies of scale. They are reinventing companies, installing thriving networks (WeChat) & establishing a new service economy. And they do it extremely fast. 

Buckle up! 

Companies you will visit in Shenzhen:

Tencent: Tencent has not one, not two, but three platforms with over 1 billion registered users! It doesn't stop there, they are also the largest gaming company in the world! At their offices in Shenzhen, you will hear about their relentless user focus, how they are organizing internal and external platforms and the culture needed for such an operating model. You might even get a peek into the future of digital services and technology!

Inno Park: Prof. Xu Hongbo is the Founder and CEO of Inno Park. He wil share his insights as an angel investor with more than 20 years of experience in the field of Internet, strategic planning, product development, market development and angel investment. He will also invite some start-ups to present their products.

DJI: Is there a buzzing in your head, has the innovation driven you mad? No, we just arrived at DJI. They are manufacturing the technologically most advanced drones in the world. Growing at an almost unimaginable speed, they also started applying Artifical Intelligence. We can't tell whether you will be testing out the drones, or whether the drones will be testing you. Watch out, here they come!

If you want to know more about Shenzhen, go ahead and read the blog post "Shenzhen: Innovation at the speed of the network" by nexxworks!

The program is quite heavy, but you will also get some premium sleep in the Four Seasons Hotel Shenzhen.

Day 2:

May 16



On Tuesday, we conclude visits in Shenzhen before we hop on a flight to Hangzhou. This flight is included in your trip.

Companies you will visit in Shenzhen:

BYD: There is no greater example of the story of Shenzhen than BYD. Starting out as a battery manufacturer competing on price only 20 years ago, today they are hailed as one of the most innovative companies in the world. They manufacture complex (components of) mobile phones. Even more impressive: they are a global leader in electric vehicle manufacturing and sales!

BGI: Don't be confused, the Beijing Genomics Institute is headquartered in Shenzhen! 15 years ago, they impressed the world by sequencing the genome of rice. Today they are working with all major pharmaceutical companies to better our understanding of the human genome. Digital technology won't get any more personal than this!

Refuel in Hangzhou, Diaoyutai Hotel and prepare for the next sprint

Day 3:

May 17



Ready for a full day in thé city of trade? 

Hangzhou, the traditional capital of Chinese commerce, is where e-commerce is reinvented. We go and dive deeper: what is the warehouse magic behind this? How is entrepreneurship, investment & innovation nurtured & encouraged within this megalomaniac business center? And also: How does China cope with urbanisation? What is the new building on the block about? How does this system facilitate the enormous pace?

Companies you will visit in Hangzhou:

Alibaba HQ & Campus: You might not know the mayor of Hangzhou, but you certainly do know Alibaba founder, Jack Ma. The company offers B2B, B2C and C2C platforms. Alibaba managed to sell for 17.8 billion USD on Singles' Day in 2016, beating many countries' yearly e-commerce numbers in a single day (pun intended)!

Dream Town incubator: Dubbed “Hangzhou’s Silicon Valley”, Dream Town has attracted more than 500 venture projects and now houses 400-plus companies employing 4,000 young people, most 30 or younger. Here you will get a better view on how both venture capital and startups are operating in China.

Ant Financial: Formerly known as Alipay, Ant Financial is part of the Alibaba Group. It operates the Alipay payment platform. The majority of online payments in China are handled on their platform. It's so easy they allow you to pay with a smile!

On Wednesday night, you'll experience West Lake's beauty & business.

As garden designers were inspired by its beauty, so are entrepreneurs & investors nurturing innovation at the waterfront teahouses. Open up & indulge yourself to discover a crucial fundamental within the ecosystem: investments & relationships. Human to human fueled by government & corporate giants' initiatives.

You'll meet with the most impressive local Chinese investors and entrepreneurs to hear their mind-blowing personal stories about doing business in China.

If you want to know more about Hangzhou, go ahead and read the blog post "Hangzhou: it's the ecosystem, stupid!" by nexxworks!

Enjoy your night in the Diaoyutai Hotel after a trip on the lake

Day 4:

May 18



In the morning we conclude visits in Hangzhou before we head further East to Shanghai, the biggest city in China. It's one of the 3 biggest metropoles in the world after Tokio & Guangzhou (Shenzhen).

We'll discover how money works in the East & meet Western fellows gone East. Meet, share & explore! Be ignited for your own future because your inspiration trip is nearing the end & YOUR reinvention journey will start.

Companies you will visit in Hangzhou:

Mistong: You might wonder how China manages teaching over a billion people the necessary skills to survive in these disruptive times. There are many answers. Mistong is one of them, specializing in providing an online education ecosystem, it is aiming to provide the biggest Chinese online study platform to middle school students.

Companies you will visit in Shanghai:

Youku Tudou: Last time we visited Youku Tudou, we saw our favorite action hero have a drink on the big screen. The amazing thing was that the drink we saw was tailored to each of ou individual tastes. It's been over a year now, and we are looking forward to explore what they have been up to since!

Enjoy your last supper in Shanghai with Westerners gone East.

Endulge in the stories brought to you by our network of Belgians and Europeans in Shanghai and beyond.

If you want to know more about Shanghai, go ahead and read the blog post "How Shanghai became one of the innovation capitals" by nexxworks!

Goodbye Night in Shanghai - last night in in style at the Fairmont Peace Hotel.

Day 5:

May 19

End approx. 16:00


Today we will experience the last company visits together. Expect Fintech, new technologies & how giants are getting innovation done in China before you return home. 

Companies you will visit in Shanghai:

WPP: At WPP, you'll hear about the 100 Chinese brands you didn't meet this week. Chirantan Ray, the managing director of Kantar Millward Brown will tell you all about the Chinese brand that will be coming our way. China is going West!

This visit was organized together with LDV United.

Chinaccelerator: Chinaccelerator is the leading startup accelerator in Asia. Their mentorship-driven program helps internet startups from the world into China and from China to the world. They will tell you all about their program! You'll also get to meet the most impressive startups in their portfolio.

CELAP: CELAP is the place where the future leaders of China are being educated. Since the government plays a major role in the Chinese innovation ecosystem, it will prove to be very insightful to take a look at the source of Chinese lawmaking and policy. Beware, it's not only about regulation. There are, for example, extended studies being made about the potential of smart cities.

Shanghai Supercomputer Center: China is the country with the most supercomputers in the world. We wouldn't want you to miss out on meeting one. They do all kind of calculations. Among which weather forecast, drug design, life science, auto design, new material, civil engineering, physics, chemistry, aerospace, ...

Wyre: We wouldn't want you to miss out on all the blockchain activity happening in China, and more specifially in Shanghai. Wyre recently acquired the Chinese Remitsy, now it can send money around the world faster than e-mail!

Returning home with a inspiration fueled mind requires a moment of reflection. Expect to be challenged on your next steps. We are excited to learn how you'll act upon your Day After Tomorrow as of ... today!

Return flights home, see you soon!

Tour leaders & speakers

  • /assets/files/team/peter.jpg

    Peter Hinssen

    Thought leader / nexxworks

    A serial entrepreneur, advisor, keynote speaker and author, Peter is one of the most sought-after thought leaders on radical innovation, leadership, and the impact of all things digital on society and business. 

    More info
  • /assets/files/team/steven-van-belleghem_1.jpg

    Steven Van Belleghem

    Thought leader / nexxworks

    Steven is a thought-leader on the transformation of customer relations and the future of customer-centric marketing. He inspires companies to become customer-centric organizations in our high-speed digital world. 

    More info
  • /assets/files/team/Filip_Caeldries.png

    Filip Caeldries

    Tour Guide / TIAS

    Filip Caeldries is Professor Strategic Management at TIAS Business & Society in Tilburg. He focuses both on company specific Executive Programs, as on the Global Executive MBA. Having worked all over the globe & with a focus on competitive strategy, strategic change, organization development, and competition in transition markets, Filip has won numerous best teaching prizes.

    More info
  • /assets/files/team/Annick_in_zwartwit.png

    Annick Vandezande

    Tour Guide / nexxworks

    With more than 15-years of experience in the big 4 consultancy firms and as a former Director of Technology Consulting, Annick truly knows how to aim for impact. Annick will be your Chief Experience Officer on this tour, guiding you safely through disruptive China.

    More info
  • /assets/files/team/Dora_Shanghai_interview.jpg

    Dora Munteanu

    Tour Guide / Euro-China Centre AMS

    Dora Munteanu  is leading the Euro-China Centre/Global Business at Antwerp Management School, aiming to build a thriving community of European and Chinese entrepreneurs, managers and experts from academia that mingles, creates and  shares creative solutions and insights for tomorrow’s global ventures and alliances.

    More info

Your home away from home!

  • Four Seasons Hotel Shenzhen

    138 Fuhua Third Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, 518048 Guangdong

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  • Diaoyutai Hotel Hangzhou

    65 Wuxing Road, Jianggan District, Hangzhou, 310020 Zhejiang

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  • Fairmont Peace Hotel Shanghai

    20 Nanjing Road East, Huangpu District, 200002 Shanghai

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The fee to participate is € 11.900 excl. VAT.

This fee includes all visits, speakers, hotel accommodation, breakfasts, lunches, dinners and local transportation.

In order to enjoy the full program, you need to be in Shenzhen on Sunday 14th of May (appr. 5 PM). Recommended departure from Shanghai on Friday 19th of May (appr. 5 PM). 

The fee excludes the travel to China and back. Keep in mind that you need a visum to enter China.

Cancellation policy

  • If you cancel your participation 4 months before the event, there is no cancellation fee.
  • If you cancel between 4 months and 8 weeks before the event, the cancellation fee is € 5,950 excl. VAT.
  • f you cancel during the last 8 weeks, the cancellation fee is € 11,900 excl. VAT.

In all circumstances, you are allowed to send someone else to take your place, if it does not work out for your own agenda or personal life.