Day After Tomorrow Tour San Francisco

Sunday 10 September - Friday 15 September 2017

Yes. The world is changing radically and technologies are defining the pace. No, it won’t all pass by. It will shift industries, it will alter business models, it has changed us as individuals and it will question the world’s power equilibrium.

In times of change, fear is not wise advice. Look at the creativity ignited by emergent technologies. The potential it has to impact the future of business, of food, of health, of finance, of … you.

Join us for the nexxworks flagship tour to San Francisco and step in the conversation about the Day After Tomorrow ! 

The times when nobody knew what blockchain meant and AI was just a fancy blockbuster selling argument, is over. We will show you cutting edge technology development and how it’s being applied today. We'll look into AI, internet of things, blockchain, augmented reality and quantum computing. How does it all interact? How does it impact our behaviour and our vision of the Day After Tomorrow? 

We will look at the basic ingredients of these technologies and see which applications are being developed as we speak. How is it translated to our tomorrow, to future business? Once this has opened up your mind, expect to dive in the real Day After Tomorrow. What will this autonomous world mean? Which will be the leading platforms? How will society shift and to what extent will radical innovation be embraced?

The ecosystem of San Francisco, still the most legendary epicentre of technology and innovation in the world, remains a fascinating source of inspiration. This tour will make you grasp how they mix talent, money and attitude in a very fruitful way. It will show you how they make this community so unique. It will show you how entrepreneurs, corporates and governments collaborate for something radically different. But above all, for something better, bigger and bolder.

Because fear is not their ally, but adventure and impact is.  


We are still building a jaw-dropping program for you, but in past Innovation Tours we visited Andreessen HorowitzUberTeslaYouTube and Google among many (many) other legacies. Also expect hidden gems like, Workfit and Fyusion. Experts like Pieter Abbeel, Mark Platshon, Jeremiah Owyang, Daniel Kraft, and many others have already glued the conversations of the week together during former editions. This is an intense once-in-a-lifetime experience with a packed program, a lot of smart people and plenty of fun!

The site will be updated as we countdown to the start of the tour and the final program will be announced to participants some time before kick-off.

The program will be conducted in English.

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Sept. 10:


Arrival in San Francisco.

Introduction into the "Day After Tomorrow" by Peter Hinssen.

Sept. 11:

Artificial Intelligence

Visit an expert

We start off the day with a visit to BAIR (Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research) Lab where we'll get introduced into the workings of Artificial Intelligence by Pieter Abbeel.

Pieter is a friend of the house by now but his story evolves each time and remains extremely relevant. Expect to see some of the most recent breakthroughs in AI. This is a session you’ll tell your grandkids about!  

Visit companies using this technology, today

- Walter De Brouwer will tell you about his recent start-up and how they are using AI to replace your doctor in the future. Walter & his wife Sam are serial entrepreneurs in the Valley, and bring a very honest story of what it’s like to win, fail and get moving again.

- medallia: Marc Vanlerberghe, former VP at Google, will tell you about life before, during and after Google. Why leaving this tech giant. Expect tons of experience and the discovery of the rather unknown jewel that Medallia is.

- Gert Lanckriet has been working as a professor focused on Artificial Intelligence for years. He became the Principal Applied Scientist at Amazon Music, where his goal is to bring the technology to the people. “Alexa, play me some happy music with guitar solos.”

Dinner @ Roka Akor

Note that we're fully in the process of finalizing these visits so please consult this as preliminary program.

Sept. 12:

Augmented / Virtual Reality

Visit an expert

Robert Scoble & Shel Israel will introduce us into the the future of Virtual & Mixed reality. Their company Transformation Group, is dedicated to helping big brands develop and implement Mixed Reality (MR) strategies, a trend about to explode when Apple releases its new iPhones and iOS 11 in September.

Visit companies using AR/VR technology, today

- A “holographic” pitch of Mimesys by co-founder Davy Loots, because the best meetings are holographic ones, of course!

Upload Collective started to enable UploadVR’s mission, to help bring VR to the masses.

Dinner @ Trace

Note that we're fully in the process of finalizing these visits so please consult this as preliminary program.

Sept. 13:


Visit an expert

Christopher Allen is an entrepreneur, technologist, and educator who specializes in collaboration, security, and trust. As a pioneer in internet cryptography, he’s initiated cross-industry collaborations and created industry standards that influence the entire internet. Though he’s worked within numerous privacy and security sectors, Christopher’s recent emphasis has been on engines of trust such as blockchain, smart contracts, and smart signatures, in particular decentralized self-sovereign identity.

Visit companies using this technology, today

- In our previous tours we have visited Coinbase, 21 Inc, Chain, … Though blockchain technology can be interesting for a lot more than fintech solutions only. We’ll go broader than that.

Reflection guided by someone deeply immersed in the field

Caterina Rindi comes from a background in education and non-profits; through her efforts developing more scalable opportunities and tapping existing resources via peer-to-peer technologies, she became involved in the bitcoin and blockchain ecosystem in 2013.

Networking Dinner @ Feastly

Ozark Henry might give a small concert...

Note that we're fully in the process of finalizing these visits so please consult this as preliminary program.

Sept. 14:

Internet of things

Visit an expert

Jan Rabaey has been running the Swarm Lab at Berkeley for some while. Swarm Lab seeks to foster the creation and distribution of exciting applications of large swarms of sensors and actuators through the adoption of an open and universal platform.

Visit companies using this technology, today

- At LecidaNick Hughes is building the brain of the internet of things, combining Internet of Things with Artificial Intelligence.

- More to come...

Dinner @ Epic Steak

Note that we're fully in the process of finalizing these visits so please consult this as preliminary program.

Sept. 15:

Quantum Computing

Visit an expert

Umesh Vazirani is the director of the Berkeley Quantum Computation Center. He has been deeply immersed in Quantum Computing and has written a textbook on algorithms. The perfect man to introduce us to the basics of quantum computing.

Visit companies using this technology, today

As Quantum Computing is still in its early research stage, there aren’t a lot of companies using the technology today. For example, Rigetti is building Silicon Chips that emulate the workings of atoms. It is even discussed if D-Wave is actually building "real" quantum computers. The potential of Quantum Computing can be massive, though we are still early days.

Flights home

Note that we're fully in the process of finalizing these visits so please consult this as preliminary program.

Tour leaders & speakers

  • /assets/files/team/peter.jpg

    Peter Hinssen

    Thought leader / nexxworks

    A serial entrepreneur, advisor, keynote speaker and author, Peter is one of the most sought-after thought leaders on radical innovation, leadership, and the impact of all things digital on society and business. 

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  • /assets/files/team/Steven-Van-Belleghem.jpg

    Steven Van Belleghem

    Thought leader / nexxworks

    Steven is a thought-leader on the transformation of customer relations and the future of customer-centric marketing. He inspires companies to become customer-centric organizations in our high-speed digital world. 

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  • /assets/files/team/Felix_website.JPG

    Felix Garriau

    Tour leader

    Felix Garriau is your tour leader during the Day After Tomorrow Tour to San Francisco. 

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  • /assets/files/team/ozarkhenry.jpg

    Ozark Henry

    Special guest

    Piet Goddaer is a Belgian musician, better known by his stage name Ozark Henry.

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  • Fairmont San Francisco

    950 Mason Street San Francisco California, United States 94108

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KL0607 KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

  • fromAmsterdam Schiphol (AMS)
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Sunday September 10

from 12:50 till 14:45

KL0606 KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

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  • toAmsterdam Schiphol (AMS)

Friday September 15

from 16:45 till 12:05


The fee to participate is € 11.900 excl. VAT.

This fee includes all visits, speakers, hotel accommodation, breakfasts, lunches, dinners and local transportation.

The fee does not include your flights to and from San Francisco. The program starts on Sunday at 5 PM and ends on Friday around noon. 

Cancellation policy

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In all circumstances, you are allowed to send someone else to take your place, if it does not work out for your own agenda or personal life.


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