Automotive Tour – Driving the future

Sunday 15 October - Friday 20 October 2017

Eager to experience from the front-row seats which technologies and organizations will drive the future of mobility? Join us on a unique Innovation Tour in Silicon Valley to see how transporting people and goods from A to B is changing forever. Expect a deep-dive in the following topics:

Autonomous driving
Shared mobility
Car Technology and electrification
Customer Centricity
Mobility enablers 

At this moment in time, most new cars have sensors integrated. The fully autonomous car will take this one step further and interpret the driving scene with a 360-degree awareness. New maps which will be much more accurate than current GPS and will allow cars to drive safely under all circumstances. Artificial Intelligence and deep learning will be used to leverage this information for safer driving.

But the future of mobility will not only be shaped through autonomous driving. The fast-growing Sharing Economy (or Peer-2-Peer Economy) might have an even greater impact as we are quickly moving from a “Transportation as an asset” model to Transportation-As-A-Service. TaaS may take a variety of forms in the future, offering more consumer choices and business opportunities such as ride-hailing, on-demand delivery services, car sharing, bike sharing, and new public transport services.

On top of that, consumers keep changing and their behaviour forces all companies to implement an extreme customer-centric approach. The shifting landscape of suppliers, manufacturing, and retail in the automotive business requires every single company to put the customer at the heart of their organization in such a way that it affects company culture, management, processes, partnerships and even the way logistics are handled.

We’re living in very exciting times. Times that will be different for all of us. Whether you’re a manufacturer, an insurance company, a bank, an employer or just a driver. It might become something your kids or grandkids will find very surreal.  

Join us on an inspirational week to look at the Day After Tomorrow of Mobility in the rich ecosystem of San Francisco, still the most legendary epicentre of technology and innovation in the world. 


We are still building a jaw-dropping program for you, but we are talking to, otto, Turo and Metromile

This is an intense once-in-a-lifetime experience in San Francisco with a 3.5 to 4 days of visits and presentations. But hey, we're trying to be kind and also offering you some time for reflection. Expect one or two opportunities to discover San Francisco (with or without us). We add a lot of smart people, plenty of fun and delicious food... think of Roka Akor, Feastly and plenty of other gastronomic experiences. 

The site will be updated as we countdown to the start of the tour and the final program will be announced to participants shortly before kick-off.

The program will be conducted in English.

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This tour is organized with the enthusiasm of Carya Group.

OCT 15:


Arrival in San Francisco. We bring you to the hotel and share the first practicalities for the week. 

Introduction into the "Day After Tomorrow" by Rik Vera. 

Welcome dinner. 

OCT 16:


Shared mobility

Companies like Uber and Lyft are the ones who revolutionized the transportation industry with their peer-to-peer business model. The impact it had, spread like a virus. It challenged incumbents, governments and even the average family brunch conversation.

But there is more. Instead of only sharing your car with other people, why not actually sharing the car itself? Turo is lesser known in Europe but thé largest peer-to-peer car rental platform in the US and Canada, representing a community of more than 2 million owners / travellers.  

Thirdly, once we share cars, optimize its use, why not look into sharing the ideal routing? It’s exactly the reason why you see Chariot’s vans popping up everywhere on the roads in San Francisco.

Autonomous Driving

Opinions vary whether the self-driving car will know its breakthrough within one, three or five years. Fact is, we’re close. Waymo is refining its technology on the road with two million miles on public roads already. The car drives more than 8000 km without touching anything at all.

We’re talking with Shelby Clark, Jeff Miller, Ali Vahabzadeh, Woody Hartman, Tim Papandreou, and many others to let them share their story.

Note that we're fully in the process of finalizing these visits so please consult this as preliminary program.

OCT 17:


Customer Centricity

The autonomous revolution is as significant as the electrification one in the past. People might not own, drive or finance cars anymore. So the question emerges: who is the new car customer? What does this mean for car designers? How can they make a car appealing again for the new generations to come? Which functions does it serve? Why and when will people use which car? Siberia has food for thought to share. Metromile already rethought insurance services and Sparkcentral leads the way in customer service.

We’re talking with Dan Preston, Davy Kestens and many others to let them share their story.  


Recharge yourself by discovering San Francisco

Inspiration is intense so we’ll pause the rollercoaster with an enlightening activity. Enjoy what San Francisco has to offer beyond innovation and technology.


Note that we're fully in the process of finalizing these visits so please consult this as preliminary program.

OCT 18:


Car Technology

Having the first self-driving car is a popular war since a few years. Whoever is betting on it, they need technology to make it happen. Nauto wants to bridge the gap between the current and the future system with their AI-powered technology, applying it to as much current situation data as possible. is another start-up building the AI brain of the autonomous car with deep learning.



Tesla doesn’t require many words of introduction. Their electric vehicles are conquering the world both direct to consumer as indirect via other carmakers. But good things never come easy: different engines require different fuel. Chargepoint is the world’s largest and most open EV charging network. They manage more than 28000 charging points.  

We’re talking with Mark Platshon, Sameep, Shobana, and many others to let them share their story.

Note that we're fully in the process of finalizing these visits so please consult this as preliminary program.

OCT 19:


Future of Mobility: enablers

The autonomous world is shaking up things quite heavily and has an impact on many underlying sectors. Let’s see how incumbents like BMW prepare itself for the future. Let’s ask venture capitalists how and why they invest. Let’s ask the world’s most smartest people in Berkeley or Stanford which rocks will move. And how did a company like Lyft advance in a world where no policies existed?

We’re talking with Emily Castor, Zach Barasz, Brook Porter, Mike Masserman and many others to let them share their story.  

Note that we're fully in the process of finalizing these visits so please consult this as preliminary program.

OCT 20:


Final visits and Conclusion. 


Tour leaders & speakers

  • /assets/files/team/Rik_Vera_B__W.png

    Rik Vera

    Partner & CEO

    Rik is a renowned thought-leader, worldwide keynote speaker, acclaimed author and trusted advisor on the topics of extreme customer-centricity, disruption, business model change, sales, marketing and making companies ready for the Day After Tomorrow. Having gathered years of C-level experience in sales and marketing related functions, he now inspires companies to develop customer-centric strategies fit for a connected world. Rik has given more than 350 keynote sessions around the world, in more than 15 countries, divided over 3 continents, to international pioneers like Assa Abloy, Cisco, Volvo, Swedbank, Telia, Baloise, Mastercard, Mundipharma, Sogeti and Microsoft.

  • /assets/files/team/565.JPG

    Nancy Rademaker

    Partner & CCO

    With over 20 years of experience in IT and training, Nancy has always and above all passionately focused upon people: how technology influences their behaviour, how it helps them share knowledge and how it enables them to create and innovate. She is a highly rated and motivating international business speaker. She has energized many roundtables, boardroom sessions and corporate events with bold presentations on the topics of extreme customer centricity, disruption, business model change and marketing. She loves inspiring others about how they can organize their companies for The Day After Tomorrow and push their business models to the next level.

  • /assets/files/team/Julie_V_b__w.JPG

    Julie Vens De Vos

    Tour Beehive Director

    Julie is your guide behind the scenes during this tour. 


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KL0606 KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

  • fromAmsterdam Schiphol (AMS)
  • toSan Francisco Intl. (SFO)

Sunday October 15

from 09:50 till 11:45

KL0608 KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

  • fromSan Francisco Intl. (SFO)
  • toAmsterdam Schiphol (AMS)

Friday October 20

from 16:45 till 12:05


The fee to participate is € 11.900 excl. VAT.

This fee includes all visits, speakers, hotel accommodation, breakfasts, lunches, dinners and local transportation.

The fee does not include your flights to and from San Francisco. The program starts on Sunday at 5 PM and ends on Friday around noon. 

Cancellation policy

  • If you cancel your participation 4 months before the event, there is no cancellation fee. If you cancel between 4 months and 8 weeks before the event, the cancellation fee is € 5,950 excl. VAT. If you cancel during the last 8 weeks, the cancellation fee is € 11,900 excl. VAT.

In all circumstances, you are allowed to send someone else to take your place, if it does not work out for your own agenda or personal life.


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