The nexxworks Ignition Bootcamp - Utrecht

Youmeet, Utrecht - 20 to 24 March 2017

Our Ignition Bootcamps are intensive 5-day perspective-shifting experiences. They are designed to boost your organisation's innovation DNA by showing your team the tools and the insights they need to innovate and experiment.


Hands-on workshops & visionary keynotes from top opinion leaders like Peter Hinssen, Steven Van Belleghem, Rik Vera, & many others!

The latest trends & insights about customer centricity, growth hacking, artificial intelligence, storytelling, virtual reality, self-steering organisations, blockchain & many more subjects.

Practical cases from innovation pioneers like CitizenM & many more!

Our disruptive bootcamps are NOTHING like any other training program in the market! Prepare for radical subjects, unexpected coaches and real impact on how you think and solve problems. 

Don't believe us, believe the participants of our last editions! "The Bootcamp changed my perspective", "I felt as if my brain had been rewired" and "I really felt ‘infected’ with the nexxworks innovation virus" are just some of their most striking reactions.

Read this testimonial by one of our Alumni, Anja!


Our Bootcamps offer a balanced mix of visionary keynotes from top opinion leaders, hands-on workshops, practical cases from innovation pioneers and the very latest trends and insights about customer centricity, growth hacking, artificial intelligence, storytelling, virtual reality, self-steering organisations, blockchain and many other subjects.

All courses will be conducted in English.​

Day 1:

March 20

9:00 - 21:00

What's it all about?

Setting the scene


Our nexxworks partners will introduce you to how new technologies and business models are changing the world. We'll dig deeper into how our customers and society are changing as a result of this. To conclude, we'll investigate how other companies have been succesful in handling these challenges.

Even if you think you know a lot about radical innovation, the first day of the Bootcamp might be just a little bit scary. It's like watching a scary movie: you know something is about to happen, still you scream from the top of your longs the moment it actualliy does.

These first sessions will open your eyes to a new reality. We'll use the rest of the week to explore ways to cope with it.


An Introduction to the Day After Tomorrow

Peter Hinssen (nexxworks)

The customer in the Day After Tomorrow

Steven Van Belleghem (nexxworks)

Workshop: what is YOUR challenge?


Organizing for the Day After Tomorrow

Peter Hinssen (nexxworks)

Day 2:

March 21

9:00 - 21:00

Who is our customer, really?

Spotlight on the customer


Are you up for another round of changing the way you look at the world? Today we move forward full force on a journey into the mind of our customer. We start out by literally exploring the unexpected ways by which their minds make decisions. After that, we can start rebuilding up our entire proposition from scratch.

You'll learn how to use technology to better serve your customer, not merely as a cool gadget. You'll learn how to ideate and design products and services which are truly customer centric. Make sure to pay close attention, because it's about time to get your hands dirty!

There really is only one goal today: how close can you get to your customer? Maybe you can even get them in the building ...


Understanding the inner workings of our (crocodile) brain

Roeland Dietvorst (Alpha.One)

Meet the disruptors: the hotel industry

Lennert de Jong (citizenM)

How to support your message visually

Axelle Vanquaillie (nexxworks)

Organizing around the customer in the Day After Tomorrow

Rik Vera, Annick Vandezande & Nancy Rademaker (nexxworks)

Workshop: first steps towards becoming a true disruptor


Day 3:

March 22

9:00 - 21:00

Gadgets are cool, after all!

When digital becomes human


Technology is not only about bright and shiny gadgets. It can actually assist you in achieving some pretty impressive results. That's what day 3 is all about: how technology can help us, humans or businesses, to become a better version of ourselves. The learnings can be applied in any part of your business, from manufacturing to marketing!

We'll span a whole range of technologies, from digital (data) to physical (robots) and everything in between. Some may be applicable today - your competitors might already be using them - while others could make you jump the competition in quantum leaps.

We can't tell you whether you'll end this day with a revised sales and marketing plan, or a new best robo-friend. That's all up to you!


How do you rapidly design and deploy?

Omar Mohout (Sirris)

When machines start learning

Nicolas Deruytter (Datatonic)

How algorithms make you happy

Raymond Hannes (

How technology is disrupting the law

Jelle van Veenen (Dutch Legal Tech)

When robots become human

Bram Vanderborght (Brubotics - VUB)

We're also setting up some mind-blowing digital experiences for you!

Day 4:

March 23

9:00 - 21:00

A Copernican revolution!

The network always wins


In these times of protectionism, walls and closed borders we are preaching the exact opposite. Take a look outside! And yes, you can take that quite literally. Nature is still lightyears ahead of us when competing on innovation skills. So maybe it can teach us a thing or two? These learnings are applicable from product improvements to the org charts of multinationals.

And we continue on this track by further exploring how technology is also moving in this direction. From the Personal Computer to distributed computing. And companies are moving in the same way too. From siloed fortresses to places of enlightenment.

By now you might think you'll never be able to take on all the learnings of this bootcamp. And that's exactly right, you'll have to engage a network!


Outside in: where I and you begin

Levi van Dam (Spirit)

Biomimicry: how can nature inspire us to solve problems?

Leen Gorissen (Studio Transito)

Corporate innovators: why you should consider blockchain

Arno Laeven (Laeven Consult, ex-Philips)

Corporate innovators: innovation culture in big corporates

Guy Wollaert (Idea-Value-Impact, ex-Coca Cola)

Day 5:

March 24

9:00 - 18:00

What's next?

A little party never killed nobody!


Can you still handle it? You're almost ready to head back to work. Though we suggest you first spend a weekend with family and friends to digest this intensive week. Your colleagues will be looking forward to hearing your stories. Those closest to you maybe even more so!  Don't worry, we've got you covered on this last day.

Today is about wrapping it all up. Together, we'll summarize this week. More importantly, we'll take a look into the future and the challenges ahead of us. Both for ourselves as professionals, and also the businesses we are working in.

We'll make sure to go out with a bang. But no worries, this is no goodbye!


When customer stories and data connect to transform an industry

Xavier van Leeuwe (NRC Media)

How can you make your story memorable?

Ianka Fleerackers (Queen of speech)

Workshop: what's next for you? 

Ianka Fleerackers & nexxworks

Final Pitch & Graduation Party


Speakers are ranked alphabetically.

  • /assets/files/team/Lennert_De_Jong.jpeg

    Lennert de Jong

    customer centricity expert

    Lennert de Jong has been the commercial director for citizenM - one of the most disruptive and customer centric hotel chains out there - since its inception in 2006. He leads the company's digital marketing, demand management and sales strategy. 

    More info
  • /assets/files/team/nicolas_deruytter.jpg

    Nicolas Deruytter

    data juggling expert

    Nicolas holds masters in Electromechanical engineering and Operations Research. Being a huge data geek, Nicolas started Datatonic Belgium right after graduating cum laude. Now, Datatonic is applying machine learning techniques to solve the hardest business challenges. Datatonic was elected global google cloud platform services partner of the year by Google. 

  • /assets/files/team/Pers_Roeland_zwart_wit_kort.jpg

    Roeland Dietvorst


    Roeland studied biological and cognitive psychology at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam and finished his PhD in cognitive neuroscience at the Erasmus School of Economics. Roeland publishes regularly in internationally renowned scientific journals. 

    More info
  • /assets/files/team/Ianka_Fleerackers.jpg

    Ianka Fleerackers

    public speaking expert

    Public speaking expert & renowned actress Ianka Fleerackers trains and coaches people in bringing their message, vision or story to the public in a passionate, charismatic and authentic manner that delivers real impact. 

    More info
  • /assets/files/team/Leen_Gorissen.jpg

    Leen Gorissen

    PhD in biology

    Leen is the founder of Studio Transitio, a consultancy supporting innovation and transformation processes inspired by nature. She's also the Transition Research Coordinator at VITO, the Flemish Institute for Technological Research. Leen has a PhD in Biology and is a Lifelong Student of Nature.

  • /assets/files/team/raymond_hannes.jpg

    Raymond Hannes

    employee happiness expert

    Raymond has been an entrepreneur for over 10 years and has experienced both success and failure as an entrepreneur. He has Co-Founded his current company almost 4 years ago with the purpose to make everybody happy at work. 

    More info
  • /assets/files/team/Peter_Hinssen_black__white.jpg


    author, thought leader, serial entrepreneur

    A serial entrepreneur, advisor, keynote speaker and author, Peter is one of the most sought-after thought leaders on radical innovation, leadership, and the impact of all things digital on society and business.

    More info
  • /assets/files/team/Arno_Laeven.jpg

    Arno Laeven

    blockchain entrepreneur

    Arno has been working in tech strategy and innovation for almost 20 years. Early 2005 he started exploring the topic of distributed computing and blockchain for Royal Philips. He was the initiator and head of the Philips Blockchain Lab researching and building Proofs of Concept for the use of blockchain technology in Healthcare. 

    More info
  • /assets/files/team/565.JPG

    nancy rademaker

    customer centricity evangelist

    With over 20 years of experience in IT and training, Nancy has always and above all passionately focused upon people: how technology influences their behaviour, how it helps them share knowledge and how it enables them to create and innovate.

    More info
  • /assets/files/team/Omar_Mohout.jpg

    Omar Mohout

    professor of entrepreneurship

    Omar is a tech entrepreneur turned advisor and mentor. As an advisor he tries to practice a "hands-off unless requested" approach. If required, he has hands-on experience with executing go-to-market, with a major focus on scaling cloud and web based services.

    More info
  • /assets/files/team/Steven-Van-Belleghem.jpg


    author, thought leader

    Steven is a thought leader on the transformation of customer relations and the future of marketing. He is an expert in inspiring companies to become true customer-centric organizations in this high speed digital world. 

    More info
  • /assets/files/team/levi_van_dam.jpg

    Levi van Dam

    child psychologist & trailblazer

    Levi is a trailblazer: ‘the first person to do something or go somewhere, who shows that it is also possible for other people’. Levi currently develops new impact-models at youth care organization Spirit and is PhD candidate on collaboration between formal and informal networks.

    More info
  • /assets/files/team/Bram_Vanderborght.png

    Bram Vanderborght

    professor robotics

    Bram is a professor in robotics at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. He is focussed on developing a new generation of robots that will physically and socially support humans in the form of prosthetics, exoskeletons, co-workers and social robots, with direct applications in the healthcare sector and the manufacturing industry.

  • /assets/files/team/Annick_in_zwartwit.png


    digital innovation expert

    With more than 15-years of experience in the big 4 consultancy firms and as a former Director of Technology Consulting, Annick has a true passion for bridging business and IT. Her in-depth knowledge of IT strategy, roadmap design and creative pragmatism are a perfect match for converting the nexxworks inspiration into actionable plans.

  • /assets/files/team/xavier_van_leeuwe.JPG

    Xavier van Leeuwe

    transformation expert

    Xavier leads the transformation of his team at the Amsterdam-based news organisation NRC by building a customer-centric and data-rich culture at a news organisation with 189 years of heritage. Xavier is an active marketing tech blogger for and publishes a weekly free newsletter you can subscribe to at

    More info
  • /assets/files/team/axelle_3_resized.jpg

    Axelle Vanquaillie

    visual strategist, storyteller

    Axelle had been an HR and communications entrepreneur for 10 years when she discovered the power of (live) visual storytelling for corporate purposes. Since that day,  She has been combining her passion for drawing with her skills as a facilitator in a uniquely energetic way.

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  • /assets/files/team/jelle_van_veenen.jpg

    Jelle van Veenen

    legal service designer

    Jelle van Veenen (PhD) has an extensive background in both Artificial Intelligence and Law. He works as a Legal Service Designer and lecturer, and co-founded Dutch Legal Tech, a leading community platform for legal innovation.

    More info
  • /assets/files/team/rik_vera_pasfoto_-_b_w.jpg


    thought leader, disruption advisor

    Rik is a renowned thought-leader, worldwide keynote speaker, acclaimed author and trusted advisor on the topics of extreme customer-centricity, disruption, business model change, sales, marketing and making companies ready for the Day After Tomorrow. 

    More info
  • /assets/files/team/Guy_Wollaert_2.jpg

    Guy Wollaert

    innovation strategy advisor

    Guy is a renowned advisor on innovation strategy for large, established corporations, while offering back what he learns through the mentoring and advising of start-ups. Prior to that, he worked for 23 years at the Coca-Cola Company, where he was, among other things a Senior Vice President and Chief Technical and Innovation Officer.

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