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Storytelling is an art. In this session we will develop the art of scenario writing. 

The art of storytelling: scenario writing - KEYNOTE BART DE PAUW

How can you create suspense? How can you be funny? How can you guide people through your story? Bart De Pauw is a master in surprising his audience. During his show (you cannot just call his session a workshop), you will be laughing, you will be crying, you will learn magic tricks, but above all, it will change your perspective on content marketing and scenario writing forever.

About Bart De Pauw

Bart started his television career as an extra in a Belgian sitcom in 1987. The years after he explored the world of television doing things both on screen and behind the scenes as an actor and screenwriter, until his real breakthrough came in 1995 with ‘Buiten de Zone’, a television series for youngsters for which he received several national and international prizes.